Xiaomi will release a full screen mobile phone with off screen camera in 2021, and ZTE will release it this week

Real full screen mobile phones have always been the technological progress of mobile phones that we all want to see. On the road to true full screen display, the top groove and self timer camera are still the last obstacles. Now we’ve seen a lot of creative workarounds that, in the future, may be hidden in the display. Xiaomi hopes to catch up with this trend with the help of this new breakthrough. Today, Xiaomi shared its new progress in this field. It can perfectly hide the front camera under the screen, creating a true full screen appearance without any interference. After implementation, smartphones will be able to provide a normal self portrait experience without the need for grooves, holes or mobile mechanisms. The company also confirmed that it will begin mass production of the technology next year. Although we didn’t mention a specific timetable, we hope it will appear on a high-end product first. Innovation for everyone: we are proud to show you the latest masterpiece of Xiaomi engineer, the third generation off screen camera technology! Real full screen display is coming! We plan to put into mass production next year. Xiaomi also shared some background information on how the third generation off screen camera technology was developed. The first generation of technology was developed quietly and was not shown to the public. The second generation was shown to the public as a prototype a year ago, but it is not perfect and has optical transmission problems. < / P > < p > this problem has been solved by the self-developed pixel arrangement, which allows light to pass through the gap between sub-pixels, allowing a single pixel to retain the full RGB layout. This is achieved by increasing the horizontal and vertical pixel density of the area above the camera sensor in order to maintain visual consistency with the rest of the display. The circuit of the module is also redesigned to hide the module under sub-pixel, which further increases the optical transmission to the camera. It is supplied by the Huaxing subsidiary of TCL. Xiaomi also mentioned a similar technology in a recent patent, which shows that when the current camera is activated, part of the display screen of the smartphone will become transparent, and will return to normal display at other times. < / P > < p > if we have to wait a long time before Xiaomi’s full screen mobile phone comes into the market, ZTE axon 20, which will be released next week, will be the first full screen smartphone with off screen camera that can be purchased. We can expect more manufacturers to launch their hidden self timer solutions in the future, and more real full screen mobile phones will be launched next year. gather and watch! Huawei P40 Pro evaluation: excellent mobile phone photography elegant design, do you like it?