Xiaomi’s 10th anniversary speech announced the return of 1999 yuan

In the end, Lei said he was not most proud of going public. It’s three things. Xiaomi and all its peers have promoted the popularity of smart phones, Xiaomi’s ecological chain model has led to changes in 100 industries, and Xiaomi has even changed the fate of many people.

However, there is no reported snapdragon 865 + this time. It is still the performance combination of snapdragon 865, lpddr5 and ufs3.1. So, where is the Super Cup?

although it is still a 6.67 inch perforated curved screen, it has upgraded the 120Hz high refresh rate screen and is a real one billion color screen. This is the first big upgrade of Xiaomi 10 Super Cup.

although the battery of super large cup is still 4500mAh, it has upgraded 120W wired fast charging, charging 100% in 23 minutes!

it also supports 50W wireless charging, which is 10 times faster than the original wired charging speed of iPhone se, with 100% charging in 40 minutes.

Xiaomi 10 Super Cup has upgraded the camera, used the newly upgraded zoom lens, and supports up to 120 times digital zoom. The main camera has also been replaced by a 48 million pixel super sensitive element.

the appearance is not much different from that of the camera and K30 pro. It is still a full-scale lifting screen design with Sony imx68664 million pixels and four cameras.

K30 Super Cup supports stereo dual speakers, which makes up for the short board of K30 Pro which only supports single speaker, so as to create an audio-visual feast for E-sports fans.

in fact, I don’t think this is an upgrade, because the performance of Tianji 1000 + is inferior to that of Xiaolong 865. However, due to the addition of Tianji 1000 +, the price of this mobile phone is a big surprise.

and here’s a little story. The supplier gave Xiaomi a gift and provided a limited amount of low-cost 512gb flash memory. Therefore, the K30 supreme commemorative edition 8GB + 256gb has the same price as 512gb, both of which are 2499 yuan!

well, these are the two super large cup mobile phones that Lei Jun brought to us in his 10th anniversary speech. As for Xiaomi mix4, which we read every day.

“the new generation of mix still needs a little time”, and this time the Xiaomi 10 Super Cup has been very strong. Xiaohu, I am looking forward to what kind of breakthrough the new generation mix can bring us. Video Number assistant internal test online! Four functions let you send 1g video on the computer

Author: zmhuaxia