Xiaomi’s latest under screen front shot scheme announced: or mass production in the first quarter of next year

On August 28, Xiaomi officials announced this morning its “third generation off screen camera technology”, a comprehensive screen solution based on off screen cameras, and said it planned to mass produce it next year. In fact, in June last year, Xiaomi announced an off screen camera scheme based on Xiaomi 9. At that time, it was publicized as “hidden screen”. In today’s official introduction, Xiaomi classified it as “the first generation of off screen camera technology”, and its OLED in the under screen camera area Transparent cathode and anode materials are used on the panel, which has a certain degree of light transmission, so that the camera under the screen can capture the light when self shooting. But officials say the brightness, gamut and color accuracy of the camera area under the screen have been affected, so it is only in the pre research stage. In October last year, Xiaomi made “the second generation of off screen camera technology”. This time, some pixels in the area of the camera under the screen are made transparent, and some of them are displayed normally. In this way, the line of self shooting can pass through the transparent area. The official said that although this scheme has improved the self shooting effect, and the brightness and color accuracy of the area under the screen has also been improved, the number of pixels used for display has been reduced, resulting in a decrease in PPI and obvious graininess, which is still separated from the normal display area. < / P > < p > and this time, the “third generation of off screen camera technology” is based on the principle of the previous generation, and makes a new pixel arrangement. In the area of the camera under the screen, the pixel gap is made into transparent material, which can realize the full resolution display effect while transmitting light for the under screen camera. Officials say the scheme balances the display and self portraits perfectly, and the effect is no different from that of conventional front-end cameras. In addition, according to the blogger’s “digital chat station”, Xiaomi may release a new machine equipped with under screen front-end camera in the first quarter of next year. However, on September 1, ZTE will release the first mass production machine axon 205g, which is under the screen front camera. Xiaomi announced the new technical scheme at this time, which is a bit of a time-consuming blog. Continue ReadingASMC, a lithography maker, was one of TSMC’s 14 top suppliers last year