Xiaomi’s strategy in the new decade: “mobile phone × aiot” multipliers detonate the future value of the company

On August 16, the 9th anniversary of Xiaomi mobile phone and the 10th anniversary of MIUI, Lei Jun, the founder, chairman and CEO of Xiaomi group, issued an open letter to all Xiaomi employees, announcing that the core strategy of Xiaomi in the next decade will be upgraded to “mobile phone X” “Aiot”, Xiaomi will never change the “three iron laws” in the next decade, and announced that Xiaomi will implement the partnership plan and the new ten-year entrepreneur plan to officially start a new business. < / P > < p > < p > the core strategy of “mobile phone × aiot” will emphasize multiplication effect, jump out of the single addition thinking and parallel relationship between mobile phone and aiot business. Mobile phone will emphasize more core power, and aiot will emphasize ecological power. Aiot ecology will become a catalytic combustion promoter of mobile phone business, penetrate multiple scenes, win more users, obtain massive data, and become the moat of Xiaomi business model Xiaomi has become the leader of the future lifestyle. At this point, Xiaomi will start a new decade of entrepreneurship with the strategic layout and development principles of comprehensive upgrading, combined with a clear talent strategy and business model. In an open letter, Lei Jun said that in the past decade, smart phones have always been Xiaomi’s most important core business. In the foreseeable future, smart phones will still be the most powerful personal mobile computing center, the control center with the longest time and the most frequent interaction with users, and also the largest electronic equipment in the market. Smart phone is the core business directly related to the success or failure of the business, and is the cornerstone of the business model. < / P > < p > therefore, Xiaomi will firmly attack the main battlefield of smart phones, and aiot business will build a smart life around the core business of mobile phones and become an amplifier of Xiaomi’s value. < / P > < p > according to Q1 financial report in 2020, Xiaomi’s smartphone business provides 61% of revenue. As of March 2019, the monthly number of MIUI users reached 331 million. According to the estimation of securities market analysts, about 80% of the profit comes from the Internet revenue generated by Xiaomi mobile phone hardware terminal and Xiaomi mobile phone business, and the ecology created by mobile phone terminal, which has become the main flow plate for the development of Internet business. < p > < p > market analysts believe that at the beginning, Xiaomi built the aiot ecology, which also expanded the innovative Internet business model from the mobile phone field to other industries. At present, it has achieved great success and formed ecological effect. Therefore, this time, it will get rid of the single product incremental expansion mode and become an ecological stock by leaping out of the additive thinking and upgrading to the multiplier strategy The growth of the effect is of great significance to Xiaomi, which means that since Xiaomi started its business, the aiot ecology built with mobile phones as the core, and the accumulated user scale and data flow are likely to usher in explosive expansion and growth. The market is looking forward to Xiaomi’s performance after this strategic upgrade. < / P > < p > as of Q1 2020, Xiaomi mobile phone stands fourth in the global mobile phone market. The dual brand strategy launched in 2019, on the one hand, makes redmi brand continue to popularize high-end products and quality popular products, and become the largest domestic mobile phone brand in the world in 2019. On the one hand, we should emancipate Xiaomi brand, promote the middle and high-end strategy of Xiaomi brand steadily through internal technology accumulation and external technology investment. In February 2020, Xiaomi released the first 5g flagship wind vane product Xiaomi 10 series, which was the 5g mobile phone with the strongest comprehensive performance and cost performance at that time. It delivered more than one million in two months, and successfully established itself in the 5g high-end market. In August 2020, Xiaomi’s 10th anniversary press conference released the Xiaomi 10 supreme commemorative edition, which continued to push the comprehensive performance of 5g high-end flagship to a new height. While the processor and other configurations were at the top of the market, it also won the first place in DxOMark in terms of imaging, and took the lead in mass production of domestic graphene based 120W fast charging batteries. In addition, the development of Xiaomi MIUI has entered the next dimension. As the most advanced operating system of Android platform, the version update of miui12 launched in 2020 not only further optimizes the operation experience, but also makes a great improvement on the user’s privacy experience. Xiaomi established a special security team in 2012, became the first domestic enterprise to pass trust arc privacy certification in 2016, and won three international ISO security and privacy certification in 2019. Miui12 offers three privacy tools: flares, interceptors and masks. It has become a major advantage of reaching users in the era of information security. < p > < p > Xiaomi’s AI platform also takes the lead in the world, becoming the link hub of mobile phone AI IOT system. Cui Baoqiu, chairman of Xiaomi group’s technical committee, said that as of 2019, Xiaomi’s natural language processing platform, MINLP, had been called 6 billion times a day, proving that Xiaoai has become one of the most successful and active AI products. Xiaoai’s monthly active users will reach 70.5 million in March 2020, with a year-on-year increase of 54.9%, < / P > < p > at present, Xiaomi has built a global leading consumer level Internet of things platform. By Q1 2020, the number of devices linked by Xiaomi IOT platform will reach 252 million. This huge intelligent hardware platform can not only strengthen the traffic aggregation, obtain revenue growth, but also promote data precipitation and progress One step optimization of millet artificial intelligence technology, hardware interconnection technology. < / P > < p > alot is the next generation of super Internet and a network platform connecting smart phones and all intelligent devices. Its focus is not on simply connecting numbers, but on the interconnection experience in the core application scenarios. Capital market analysts believe that Xiaomi’s aiot business can also build a more complete intelligent life experience around smart phones, provide users with greater experience value, promote the expansion of ecological scale, and generate more user value and business value. Xiaomi aiot platform has a leading edge, and will have the opportunity to penetrate rich application scenarios, obtain massive traffic and data, and become the moat of Xiaomi’s business model. These are the most imaginative parts of Xiaomi’s future development. < / P > < p > to face the era of “super Internet”, Xiaomi has three advantages, which are the strengths of Xiaomi and the starting point of Xiaomi’s future. < / P > < p > first of all, Xiaomi already has a complete product ecology, so the “multiplication effect” means that in the future, Xiaomi will focus more on reconstructing the business model of users and traffic, which is the most expected outbreak point for the market. < / P > < p > at the same time, Xiaomi has always insisted on using Internet methodology to make explosive products. The ultimate user experience with efficiency as the core in essence will further test the ultimate commercial efficiency of Xiaomi. < / P > < p > Third, Xiaomi has invested in more than 300 ecological chain enterprises, and Xiaomi industry fund has invested in more than 70 semiconductor and intelligent manufacturing companies. In the past decade, Xiaomi has helped the development of intelligent manufacturing from technology and products. In the next ten years, the strategy of “Internet plus manufacturing” is worth the expectation of the market. < p > < p > in the open letter, Lei Jun once again made it clear that Xiaomi would never change the “three iron laws”, adhere to the technology-based, cost-effective as the key, and make the coolest products. Technological innovation is Xiaomi’s constant pursuit and the premise of maintaining competitiveness. Cost performance is a business model that will never go out of date, and the efficiency behind it is the magic weapon to go through the economic cycle; making the coolest product is the duty of millet engineer culture. “Three iron laws” are the guarantee for Xiaomi to maintain high quality development and a declaration for the next decade. At the same time, Lei Jun proposed to establish the partnership plan and the new decade entrepreneur plan, and encouraged the core talents of Xiaomi to invest in Xiaomi’s work in the next ten years with the entrepreneurial mentality. Since its establishment, Xiaomi has always adhered to the entrepreneurial culture and partner culture. In the open letter, Lei Jun said that in the new decade, Xiaomi will start a new business again, which requires a strong team and outstanding talents. With the sense of ownership, Xiaomi’s strong engineer culture, sincere love values, and “focus, extreme, word-of-mouth, fast” Internet methodology will be inherited. Therefore, Xiaomi decided to expand the partnership team, adding four senior executives to become the Group partners and share the risk with the company. They are Wang Xiang, President of Xiaomi group; Zhou Shouzi, senior vice president and President of International Department of Xiaomi group; Zhang Feng, vice president, chief of staff and chairman of purchasing Committee of Xiaomi group; Lu Weibing, vice president, President of China region and general manager of redmi brand. Lei Jun said that the new partner’s participation will greatly enhance Xiaomi’s strategic traction and action durability in the next decade, and provide stronger core management guarantee for Xiaomi’s new journey. In addition to the partnership system, Xiaomi’s entrepreneurship plan for the new decade has also been launched at the same time. Xiaomi will select 100 young cadres who agree with Xiaomi’s mission, vision and values, and have outstanding fighting achievements in their core positions. They will give the entrepreneurs a return, encourage them to create the future of the new decade with the entrepreneurial mentality and investment. 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