Xinhua News Agency visits Tianke Smart: reveal the secret behind “white technology”

On August 17, Xinhua News Agency visited covos group live, walked into Tianke intelligent industrial park, talked with Qian Dongqi, chairman of covos group and founder of Tianke brand, and revealed the secret behind intelligent “white technology”. < / P > < p > with the development of battery, digital motor, Internet and other technologies, traditional functional home appliances have the opportunity to upgrade again, giving users a completely different experience. In the future, in the global market, the competitive products will not be the high-energy and low-income OEM products, but the brands. “It’s our original intention. We hope that Tianke products will not simply be a business, but through our innovation and our thinking about the future, let it enable consumers to experience the experience that they have never had in the past and stand out in a certain category. ” Qian Dongqi said. < / P > < p > at the same time, OEM team with rich experience in R & D and manufacturing starts a new business and takes the “brand road” to better serve users and society. “Brand is not what you say, but what users say you are,” Qian Dongqi said in the studio Let users feel the sincerity of the product through the brand. This year, Tianke is the world’s first intelligent floor washer. It realizes the transformation from function to intelligence. It can solve the problem of floor cleaning which can not be solved by vacuum cleaner, steam mop and other tools. 618 has become the first in the whole network of the floor washer industry and is favored by users. < / P > < p > good products are the foundation of good brands; strong R & D is the foundation of good products. Creating good products that make users addicted is inseparable from the mysterious power behind Tianke. Tianke intelligent industrial park covers an area of 3500m2, with the first batch of CNAs, UL, German Rhine TUV certification of the top experimental center, the products have reached international standards. “To ensure the reliability of the current international laboratory test methods, as well as the use of all carpet experiments.” Xu Xisheng, chief engineer of R & D electronics of Tianke intelligent technology, said, “through the torsion experiment and slapping experiment, we can imitate the product’s home use scene, and carry out the experimental operation according to 20000 times of wrestling and hitting, so as to fully ensure the stable use of users.” < / P > < p > in addition to the routine durability, noise and air characteristic experiments, Tianke also has a high-precision testing laboratory and a testing laboratory for electronic components in extreme environments. It is reported that these high-precision experimental devices are mainly used in military enterprises with high cost. To the surprise of the reporter, the experimental manufacturing cost of small household appliances is easy to be so high. < / P > < p > as a high-end brand of corworth, Tianke focuses on high-end intelligent living appliances with the vision of “life white technology, home small really lucky”, creates a happy life for users with intelligent technology, and conveys technology’s blessing on life to users in a more soft and warm way. < / P > < p > at present, corworth group has developed three business areas: home robots, commercial robots and Tianke intelligence. As a national enterprise, since the first “ashes” robot vacuum cleaner, corworth group has been deeply cultivating the application of intelligent technology in life. From home robots to commercial robots to Tianke intelligent, the group has been persisting in self-improvement and intelligent innovation for 22 years to be the leader of the intelligent era. Straight screen S20! Samsung Galaxy S20 Fe exposure: 1Hz high brush + snapdragon 865