Xu Yinsheng vs Cao Yanhua! They are serious about playing table tennis with their mobile phones

Yesterday, with the theme of “innovation and wisdom walking together”, the first mobile table tennis challenge in 2020 in Shanghai was held in the China Table Tennis Museum. At the kick-off ceremony, when Xu Yinsheng took up his mobile phone to challenge Cao Yanhua, the younger generation and former world champion, his agile skills attracted people’s cheers. Speaking of the “ancestor” of mobile ping-pong, Xu Yinsheng must mention Lu Yuansheng, a good friend and former head coach of Chinese table tennis. Last year, at an amateur table tennis event in Shanghai, Lu Yuansheng launched several mobile phone table tennis challenges to Xu Yinsheng. He adapted measures to local conditions. The tea table and table in the rest room were used as the table. Chen Yiping, chairman of the Shanghai Table Tennis Association, watched with great interest. Xu Yinsheng suggested that Shanghai should hold a mobile table tennis competition to let more grassroots table tennis fans participate. Shanghai Table Tennis Association has always loved innovation. Chen Yiping immediately took action, and the mobile table tennis competition was born. “There is an epidemic this year. How to play table tennis at home? I think mobile ping-pong can be pushed.” Xu Yinsheng said. < p > < p > it’s easy to have fun at home, but Shanghai Table Tennis Association has a lot of brains to do a good job in an unprecedented competition. The first is the standardization of equipment. In order to select mobile phones with certain elastic surface, Chen Yiping and his staff tried nearly 100 mobile phones, and finally selected the iPhone 6S. With mobile phones, how can the flexibility of equipment be unified to ensure fair and just competition? Staff thought of the film, “paste a unified screen protector, the flexibility of the mobile phone is basically the same.” Secondly, we should consider the safety, put the bracelet on the players’ wrists, so that the mobile phone will not fly out when playing, so as to avoid the potential safety hazard. As for the table, Chen Yiping said with pride: “we have the red double happiness sponsored by the International Table Tennis Federation. The innovative spirit of the enterprise is consistent with our competition. With their sponsorship, I don’t worry.” 2.2 meters in width and 2.2 meters in length. This is not, Jiangsu Province Table Tennis Association took a fancy to this table, led the team to Shanghai to participate in the competition, placed an order to red double happiness. < p > < p > mobile phones have replaced rackets, and the gap between players has narrowed sharply. According to Chen Yiping, amateurs also have the opportunity to challenge professional experts. < / P > < p > due to the friction of the rubber on the screen of the mobile phone, the coefficient of rotation has decreased; it seems that there is a chance for the golf ball, which may be released under the slam dunk; the various maladjustments of the players bring unexpected changes to the game, which is more interesting. < p > < p > the table tennis Research Institute of Shanghai Hongshuangxi Co., Ltd. also organized a team to participate in the competition. Usually, they were the “trial officers” of equipment to escort the national table tennis. This time, they finally had the opportunity to exchange views with you. Although they had been playing on the mobile table for a while, they had to feel the good skills of amateur players. < p > < p > < p > < p > the Shanghai table tennis team, who was born as a “professional class”, has no confidence in winning. Shanghai team leader Tong Benjun, along with team doctor Huang Meng, counselor Zong Lei and female player Xu Lijing also came to challenge the mobile table tennis competition. In order to be grounded, they gave the team the name of Angela Jingjing team. Although their support team is professional and powerful, with off-site guidance and psychological guidance, their opponents are not afraid of them at all. “Don’t think we are masters. We are novices in the field of mobile table tennis. We may not be able to beat them from professional backgrounds.” Tong Benjun said with a smile. They quickly figured out how to play, “because the screen is small, so playing straight has an advantage.” However, after a few games on the stage, they “took a breath of air conditioning”, “it’s too difficult to draw the ball, and it will be out of bounds if you are not careful. The opponent Jiangsu Province Table Tennis Association team obviously usually often practices, looks like we have met the master. ” Sure enough, the Jiangsu provincial table tennis association team laughs to the end and becomes the champion of the first mobile phone table tennis challenge. It is not only the tenet of Shanghai Table Tennis Association, but also the slogan of sponsor Unicom. Chen Yiping pointed out that this year is the innovation year of Shanghai Table Tennis Association, and the mobile phone table tennis challenge is a brand-new competition with the most independent intellectual property rights among various innovation competitions. Through this competition, on the one hand, it can break the shackles of traditional table tennis on venues, equipment and other aspects, making it easier for table tennis activities to enter those communities, buildings and even families that lack more space; on the other hand, it also allows table tennis activities to add new styles, so that table tennis enthusiasts have more choices. < / P > < p > in addition to the mobile table tennis challenge, during this year’s epidemic situation, the Shanghai Table Tennis Association also launched the mobile phone bowling online competition. More than 1000 table tennis enthusiasts uploaded the bouncing video, with strong repercussions. At yesterday’s awards ceremony, 6-year-old Chen Jiayu, the youngest winner of the prize, toppled 135 balls in a minute. After learning to play table tennis for two years, Chen Jiayu’s family fell in love with table tennis. In order to participate in the game, the whole family recorded more than 100 videos for xiaojiayu. Parents said that the innovative competition during the epidemic period made the children no longer boring when practicing at home, and their enthusiasm for table tennis training was even higher. American companies begin to give up R & D: who should pay for corporate research?