Yang Liwei heard “knock on the window” in space? Ten years later, the truth is solved: it’s good to celebrate luck

In the process of the development of human society, the exploration of the universe has always been the concern of people. With the development of the times, various countries have begun to study and explore the cause of space. Although in the process of modern social development, China once lagged behind many developed countries, < / P > < p > in the development of China’s manned space industry, Yang Liwei made great contributions. When Yang Liwei landed on the moon, he also heard a very strange “knock on the window” sound in space, until ten years later, about & quot; knocking on the window & quot; sound; The truth of sound can be solved, and after knowing the whole story, many people also lament Yang Liwei’s good luck. So, where did this mysterious sound come from? What impact will it have on the aviation industry? As the first Chinese pilot to land on the moon, his experience has become a legend among many people. In 1983, Yang Liwei formally entered the flight academy to study. In 1995, Yang Liwei was also selected into the team of preparatory astronauts. In 1997, because Yang Liwei’s quality had reached the standard of an astronaut, in 1998, Yang Liwei officially became the first generation of Chinese astronauts. Since then, the development of China’s manned space industry has also started We are on the right track. < p > < p > in 2003, Yang Liwei flew into space for the first time on China’s Shenzhou-5, and he has become a hero in many people’s hearts. Although on the surface, the development of China’s manned space industry is very smooth, if you have a certain understanding of Yang Liwei’s experience of landing last month’s ball, you will find that in fact, Yang Liwei is also in space Faced with many difficulties. Due to the great difference between the environment of the universe and the earth, the environment of the astronauts after entering the universe is unknown. When Yang Liwei boarded the space, he also heard the mysterious knock on the window of the spaceship. At that time, because we didn’t know the origin of the knock on the window, this puzzle also became a puzzle for many experts. In fact, as early as Yang Liwei, astronauts from other countries also said that they had heard the sound of knocking windows in the universe, and in the process of research in various countries, the emergence of this voice has become an unsolvable problem. At one time, some people thought that these window knocks were the explorations of human beings by creatures from outer space. However, in the course of many years’ exploration of the universe, we have not found any real extraterrestrial creatures. Therefore, this speculation is not based on any facts. However, with the development of the times, the flight technology of various countries is constantly improving. More than ten years after Yang Liwei heard the knock on the window, Chinese experts finally found the source of the knock. In the process of flight, the internal parts of the spacecraft will collide under the strong pressure inside the universe, and the sound of collision is very similar to the sound of knocking on the window. For pilots, this kind of window knocking is actually very dangerous. If the parts encounter serious collision and eventually damage, it means that their flight mission will face failure. And for Yang Liwei, he is also more lucky, after all, after hearing the knock on the window, he also smoothly returned to the earth. < p > < p > after learning about this, many people are very worried about Yang Liwei’s experience. After all, in a completely unfamiliar environment, once there are some problems with the manned rocket, the life safety of the pilot will be completely lost. With the development of the times, the space technology of various countries is also making progress. Nowadays, many problems that were unable to be solved have been solved. Although the aerospace industry is still a very dangerous work, with the joint efforts of scientists, it is believed that in the future, the life safety of astronauts will be fully guaranteed. < / P > < p > after decrypting this mysterious event, we will find that, in fact, aviation exploration is not as simple as we think. After entering outer space, pilots will encounter many unexpected situations. If not for the hard work of these astronauts, then China’s aviation exploration will not have a rapid development in a short time. It can be seen that those who have made great efforts for China’s space industry should be recognized as heroes by us, and in the process of the development of our motherland, these heroes will also become an example for many of us to learn from. Developed a “plug and play” solar power generation scheme, and “5B” won a $12 million round a financing