Yang Liwei went into space and heard a strange noise. It was suspected that someone was knocking on the door outside the cabin. Experts gave a clear explanation

With the change of times, human beings began to have a certain psychological exploration of space. In order to know the secrets of space, human beings have developed a lot of exploration equipment, and the most historic one should be manned spacecraft. China is the third country in the world to independently develop manned space technology, and the Soviet Union is the first to develop manned spacecraft. On April 21, 1961, the Soviet manned spacecraft took off from the earth. Astronaut Gagarin flew into space with human hope, completing the first space exploration in human history. Second, John Green of the United States. < p > < p > China’s first manned spaceship is Shenzhou V, and the astronaut who boarded the spaceship to make a strong impression on China’s space history is Yang Liwei. We must be very familiar with the name, many people’s childhood astronaut dream is mostly because of Yang Liwei. As the first astronaut, the pressure Yang Liwei has to face can be imagined. It is said that in the first flight, because experts estimated the external pressure value was small, Yang Liwei was under extremely heavy pressure during his first flight, and his body organs were damaged to varying degrees. When Yang Liwei returned to earth and left the cabin, we could even see the blood in the corner of his mouth. This is Yang Liwei’s first and last space flight. After that, when Yang Liwei told us about his trip to space, he always talked about an abnormal situation, that is, when he was inside the spaceship, he heard a strange noise, and it was suspected that someone was knocking on the door outside the cabin. According to Yang Liwei, when carrying out missions in space, there is always a “knock on the door” in the space capsule, which goes round the clock and has no regularity. At that time, Yang Liwei checked almost all the cabin settings, but he found no problems and could not find the source of the sound. After returning to earth, he fed back the situation to the expert group. < / P > < p > experts have also studied the suspense event of knocking on the door in space for a long time. They have carried out a precise test and investigation on the equipment of Shenzhou V, but they still failed to find out the problem. At that time, the U.S. media even exaggerated that this was an alien warning China, causing great controversy at home and abroad. Is it true that there are aliens outside? < p > < p > in fact, this phenomenon occurred not only in Shenzhou V, but also in Shenzhou 6 and shen7. The astronauts couldn’t find the problem, and experts found that the knock didn’t seem to affect the operation of the spacecraft. It was not until many years later that China’s space technology became more mature and its research on manned spacecraft became more thorough that experts gave a clear explanation. < / P > < p > in fact, it’s not a “knock on the door.”. At that time, because the capsule would take care of the change of human body temperature, and then make appropriate adjustment, the temperature inside the cabin would form a certain temperature difference with that outside the cabin. According to the principle of thermal expansion and cold contraction, when the temperature difference is large, the object will be squeezed and deformed. This is the case with the capsule, because it is squeezed, so the cabin has changed, and the “knock on the door” is the sound of the cabin during the change process. < / P > < p > with the development of China’s aerospace industry, the cabin changes of manned spaceships have never happened again, and the original knock on the door has never sounded. The funny thing is that when China discovered this problem, the western countries claimed to have known it for a long time, but didn’t tell China. They must have forgotten the original theory of aliens. However, China’s Aerospace Science and technology can achieve today’s achievements, we still have to thank all the scientific research personnel and all the astronauts. Without them, China would not have the status it has today in the world. We should pay them the highest respect. Continue ReadingYueshang group has become the third social e-commerce service platform listed in China after being gathered in pinduoduo