Yang Minghui of CITIC Securities: 5g is more exciting for the development of to B and to s

Recently, at the five machine summit hosted by Huawei, Yang Minghui, general manager of CITIC Securities, said that under the guidance of national policies, new infrastructure is in full swing, and 5g is the top priority among them. 5g ultra-high bandwidth makes cloud computing, big data, artificial intelligence, Internet of things and other technologies closely combined to become the bus of communication industry and the base of intelligent world. < p > < p > Yang Minghui introduced that 5g application to C comes first, and there is a great opportunity for C-end to come from AR / VR. AR / VR will greatly change the way of human interaction, and profoundly affect the real estate, retail, tourism, live broadcast, education, military, and medical industries, bringing new audio-visual and interactive experience to these industries, and building a digital three-dimensional sensory world. According to IDC data, the global AR / VR volume is expected to increase from 8.9 million units in 2019 to 68.6 million units in 2023; China’s AR / VR market space will also increase from 3 billion in 2018 to 65 billion in 2023. In addition to to to C, the development of to B and to s is more exciting in 5g era. In 4G era, to C traffic accounted for 80%, while in 5g era, to B and to s traffic accounted for 80%, which is also the main reason for 5g to change society. 5g will realize the extensive connection between the real world and the digital world, and the efficiency of enterprise production and social governance will be greatly improved under the digital twin. < p > < p > 5g to B is the industrial Internet. 5g has the characteristics of high bandwidth, low delay and strong controllability, which will play a key role in flexible production and precision manufacturing. With the advent of 5g, the market scale of China’s industrial control is expected to grow from 179.7 billion in 2018 to about 260 billion in 2021. “To s is a new concept, and we believe that 5g will improve social efficiency and become the bus for the operation of digital society,” Yang said In particular, 5g enabled automatic driving will restructure the automobile and travel market: firstly, the industrial structure will be reconstructed, and the core composition of the automobile industry will be transformed from the former vehicle factory and parts supplier to the mode of automatic driving operating system supplier + vehicle factory; secondly, the travel experience will be reconstructed. After completely unmanned driving, the layout of the car will change from focusing on driving to focusing on entertainment The third is to reconstruct the travel industry. The prospect of the driverless taxi market is very imaginative. Finally, it is to improve the logistics. There is still room for improvement in domestic logistics efficiency. < / P > < p > “as a leading securities company in China, CITIC Securities regards supporting excellent technology enterprises as its duty bound mission.” “CITIC’s vision for the next decade is globalization, becoming the world’s top investment bank and providing a strong financial backing for made in China and Chinese technology,” Yang said Counterpoint announced top 5 best selling models: domestic iPhone 11 tops the list