Ye Luoli fairy challenge “beauty” score, ice princess actually ranked third, the first worthy!

Hello, everyone. I’m xiaobibi. In this wonderful domestic 3D animation, not only for children to create a fantasy fairyland full of love and magic, but also the beautiful and moving Fairies in the play have become the most noticeable existence. Whether it’s the cute and lovely bright fairy, the loving and kind-hearted Princess Ling, or the imperial sister fan’s full-fledged poisonous lady, their unique charm has left a very deep and beautiful impression on everyone. < / P > < p > with the continuous development and progress of modern science and technology, with the help of high technology, people’s love for beauty has gradually become stronger, especially when many girls take photos, they can’t help themselves with the “beauty” effect to make the photos more beautiful. As the saying goes, “everyone has a love for beauty”. If they challenge the score of “beauty” camera, who can get the highest evaluation? Let’s have a look today! Lori, the earliest fairy in ye Luoli’s animation, is the “symbolic character” of the whole animation. However, she is willing to become the auxiliary fairy of Wang Mo, who gives her strength in silence. Until she is released the life experience of the descendant of fairyland royal family in the seventh season, Luo Li gradually shows her powerful magic power. Under the “beauty” score, Lori has 7.8 points, which is very pertinent. She is definitely a landmark beauty, worthy of her kind and beautiful princess identity. < p > < p > Ye Luoli’s most loving fairy princess, known as “the mother of fairyland life”, holds the most unique “Resurrection magic”. Although she is always bullied by fairies, she does not resent them. Even if she is imprisoned by Prince Jin and her spirit loses her freedom, she does not complain. She just waits for brother Huang Shi’s rescue in silence. What a kindness 。 After challenging the “beauty” score, Princess Ling got a high score of 7.9. Xiaobi felt that it was her lovely face like a doll, which made Princess Ling gain a lot of praise. Do you think the score is fair? < / P > < p > known as “the first beauty of fairyland”, ice princess, with a desolate and arrogant posture and beautiful face, not only has been firmly seated in the first goddess of Ye Luoli, but also has been competing against other animation beauties to win the first prize in the domestic animation goddess competition, which is really frightening! Unfortunately, in the “beauty” camera rating, ice princess only got 8.1 points. Although there are more than 8 points are beautiful women, but Xiaobi always feels that the score is a little too low. I’m sorry for the beauty of ice princess. Is it because Princess ice doesn’t like to laugh, which leads to the low score. Molly, Shu Yan’s contract fairy, has been playing the role of “big sister” among ye Luoli’s soldiers. She takes care of the clothing, food, housing and transportation of the young soldiers. She has a good cooking skill and is good at making delicious snacks. After her identity as “Princess of gold” was announced in the later stage of animation, jasmine’s sweet style has become more gorgeous. “Beauty” score of jasmine is as high as 8.2 points, which is 0.1 higher than ice princess, which is really a little fierce! Maybe it is because Jasmine looks a little more mature, coupled with delicate facial features and sweet smile, that she gets such a high evaluation. In terms of temperament alone, ice princess is absolutely dominant. Bai Guangying, the most liberal fairy in ye Luoli’s animation, has two special forms of “black and white”. She has the strength of a big fairy. However, she was once bound by Pang Zun and lived a lonely life. She did not enjoy the real freedom until she signed a contract with Gao Taiming. Therefore, Bai Guangying has always been very grateful to her master. < p > < p > guangxianzi, who challenged the “beauty” score, got a high score of 9.1. Many leaf fans may think that the score is too high, but if you observe carefully, you will find that baiguangying, whether in terms of facial features or face shape, is very in line with the standards of contemporary people for big beauties, especially the big eyes with water spirit, including crystal clear charm, which is hard to resist. Therefore, in Xiaobi’s opinion, Bai Guangying is worthy of the title of “No.1”! < p > < p > when ye Luoli fairy challenged the “beauty” score, ice princess ranked third, worthy of her name! Do you think this score is reasonable for the friends who like Lolita? Who is the most beautiful fairy in your heart? Welcome to leave a message below to tell me, thank you for reading. Science Discovery