Year on year growth, 70% of smartphones delivered in the US in the second quarter were made in China

Recently, canalys, a market research organization, released a survey report on the second quarter of the U.S. smartphone market. In the report, canalys said: in the second quarter of 2020, suppliers sold 31.9 million smartphones in the United States, a year-on-year decrease of 5%, but a month on month increase of 11%. In the second quarter, the average price of smartphones in the United States reached $503, 10% lower than in the second quarter of 2019. Among them, apple set a new domestic record in the United States in the second quarter with a shipment of 15 million units. Apple’s flagship iPhone 11 is 15% higher than last year’s best-selling iPhone XR. With the launch of the iPhone se, Apple’s quarterly market share surged to 47%. < p > < p > Samsung has reached the level of shipment in 2019. Compared with the S10 series models in the second quarter of 2019, the shipment of its Galaxy s205g series mobile phones has decreased by 59%. After full channels in the first quarter, the closure of the point of sale made Samsung find itself heavily dependent on its low-end Galaxy a10e and A20 devices to support its shipments. Canalys also noted that about 70% of smartphones sold in the United States in the second quarter of 2020 were made in China, up from 60% in the previous quarter < / P > < p > canalys analyst Vincent thielke said: “as consumers are forced to stay at home by the new crown epidemic, 5g penetration in the United States has not increased. Store closures and concerns about viruses have prevented consumers from going to the mobile phone store for practical experience. Meanwhile, the tight budget further limits their consumption capacity. Moreover, due to the lack of 5g network coverage in the suburbs of the United States, consumers are more willing to buy 4G devices. Despite the lack of 5g deployment so far, strong operator marketing in the next few quarters will help catalyze the multi-year transition from LTE to 5g. ” Xiaomi has become the fastest growing manufacturer in the European market, with a market share of 17%, a year-on-year increase of 65%, and a growth rate of 116% in the Western European market. Among them, the market share in Spain continued to occupy the first place. 865 optimization is different? These mobile phones should teach you a lesson!