You can do things that iPhone can’t do, and test the new features of Galaxy note 20 Ultra

The Samsung Galaxy note 20 ultra has a lot of eye-catching features, from pen improvements and 120Hz displays to shrink the camera by 50x. But for me, the most exciting feature is the DEX model, which has a huge upgrade. < / P > < p > DEX is completely wireless for the first time on Samsung mobile phones. It can provide desktop like experience on TV. It can run multiple applications on a large screen at the same time, and stream movies, videos and even games to TV. This is the wireless DEX mode of Galaxy note 20 Ultra. < / P > < p > first, slide down from the top of the note 20 ultra display and press the DEX button. From there, the phone will start searching for nearby TV or streaming devices that support the miracast standard. I can use wireless DEX mode on 55 inch TCL roku TVs, Amazon fire TV sticks and roku streaming stick plus, but I spend most of my time on TV. < / P > < p > after connecting to a roku TV, you see the Samsung DEX logo splash on the screen, and then the desktop environment appears. There are files, gallery, Google Apps and app icons for the play store on the screen, but other apps can also be added to the desktop. < / P > < p > first, the galaxy note 20 ultra is turned into a virtual mouse. Once connected to the TV, you can slide down from the top of the screen and enable the virtual touchpad. I just slide my finger on the screen to move the cursor. It’s a little slower than I wanted, but there’s no problem selecting icons or opening apps. < / P > < p > starting with the Google photo album app, you can view images taken with the note 20 ultra camera on a large screen. You can also enter full screen mode on the app, but this requires adjusting the settings on the phone. Annoyingly, in some cases, you also have to restart the application for full screen display. Still, it’s cool to be able to scroll through and display photos I’ve taken on TV. < / P > < p > in addition, you can run several applications on your desktop at the same time, so you feel like you’re doing multitasking, which is not what airplay on the iPhone can do. < / P > < p > I’d like to know if DEX mode can handle games on a 55 inch TV, so I’ll pair with the galaxy note 20 ultra via Bluetooth’s PS4 controller. Then, some games were launched to see how DEX mode handled them. < / P > < p > overall, the operation is still fairly smooth on the screen, but the pixels are slightly different. In addition, the PS4 controller does not respond as fast as the console to the note 20 Ultra. Still, happily, the experiment worked. < / P > < p > the software on my Galaxy note 20 ultra is not yet final, so I’m not ready to make a final judgment on how wireless DEX mode works. But it’s a big step forward to be able to send applications to large screen TVs without a dongle and enjoy a desktop environment that allows multitasking. Hope to see more smooth cursor movement and more stable game playing next time. Skip to content