You Lixing, a young man of science and technology: to solve the problem of “nine chapters” sticking neck, thanks to “Shanghai efficiency”

Recently, the research team of Pan Jianwei of University of science and technology of China, in cooperation with Shanghai Institute of Microsystems of Chinese Academy of Sciences and national research center of parallel computer engineering technology, has successfully developed the quantum computing prototype “nine chapters”, which can handle specific problems 100 trillion times faster than the fastest supercomputer at present. This achievement makes China successfully reach the first milestone of quantum computing research: the superiority of quantum computing. < p > < p > you Lixing, a team leader from Shanghai Institute of Microsystems, Chinese Academy of Sciences, who became famous in the first World War for his “nine chapters” quantum computer detector. < / P > < p > after graduating from Nanjing University, although he worked in Northeastern University in Japan, Chalmers University of technology in Sweden, Twente University in the Netherlands, NIST in the United States and University of California Berkeley, you Lixing said with a smile that he was “traveling” and was learning to do different things in every place. It was not until 2007 when he returned to China and entered the Shanghai Institute of Microsystems, Chinese Academy of Sciences that he began to do a new work – Research on superconducting single photon detection technology. < / P > < p > after nearly ten years of working from scratch, you Lixing led the team to finally solve the problem of “sticking neck”. The performance of SNSPD devices developed by him has reached the international leading level, and has repeatedly created world records for quantum communication, quantum computing, satellite ranging and other applications, including 509km optical fiber quantum key distribution and “Jiuzhang” quantum computing simulator. < / P > < p > “we have cooperated with Pan Jianwei for ten years, and nine chapters use our detectors, which are no better than ours.” When it comes to the project that made him famous in the first World War, you Lixing said frankly that he fully benefited from “Shanghai efficiency”. “In October last year, Google said that it had achieved” quantum hegemony “. Pan Jianwei asked me to provide 100 high-performance detectors in five months, which was very difficult. No one at home and abroad could provide such a large quantity and ensure high detection efficiency, but we did it.” You Lixing said that Shanghai is fast-paced and efficient, “foreign countries are not as fast as us.” < / P > < p > this speed is also reflected in the talent policy. The Chinese Academy of Sciences has a plan to introduce foreign talents in 2007. However, there was a hard condition for the br plan, that is, it had to stay abroad for more than four years. However, at that time, Shanghai microsystems was eager for talents and “introduced” you Lixing ahead of schedule. < / P > < p > speaking of the reasons for returning home, you Lixing said that working abroad is always for others, there is room for independent development in Shanghai, and there is a sense of achievement in serving the motherland. “There is no shortage of talents in Shanghai.” You Lixing said that Shanghai’s high efficiency, inclusiveness, good development opportunities, fair and superior soft environment are all factors that attract him. < / P > < p > he became the project leader of the national key R & D Program “high performance single photon detection technology”, and established Fu Tong technology, the only SNSPD industrialization company in China, realizing the commercial sales of SNSPD. 160 papers and 25 invention patents were published in nature, science, nature photonics, PRL and other journals. The cooperative research results of quantum communication have been selected into the top ten scientific and technological developments in China twice. In 2018, he won the IEC 1906 award of International Electrotechnical Commission, and in 2019, he won the first prize of technical inventor of Chinese society of optical engineering < / P > < p > once a technology reaches the world leading level, there will be no international blockade. “The domestic support is good, and the national and local investment is large. I learned a lot abroad. After returning home, five or six people worked together as a team, cooperated in combat, and cooperated with tacit understanding.” You Lixing is gratified that the domestic scientific research conditions are good now. In his scientific research field, the technical level is higher than that of foreign countries. At the end of last year, because of the technological breakthrough, the detection efficiency of the detector reached 98%, so that the motivation of scientific researchers to study abroad is not strong. “We are no worse than others, and our waist is straight when we communicate.” < / P > < p > on how to keep learning motivation for a long time in the front line of scientific research, you Lixing always shared his own experience: curiosity, broad knowledge, bowing to the road, but also looking up at the road. They are good at scientific research and pay less attention to long-term interests. < / P > < p > as for how young talents should adapt to the era of China’s rising science and technology, you Lixing believes that young people should objectively understand themselves and China, and do not have to be arrogant or belittled. “It’s in the young people’s generation that China becomes a real world power in science and technology.” gather and watch! 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