Youda optoelectronics achieved revenue of 5.66 billion yuan in August this year, with a slight increase of 0.5% year on year

On September 10, the Taiwan panel manufacturer and semiconductor display technology company Youda optoelectronics recently released its revenue report for August. < p > < p > in August, the self settlement and consolidated revenue of AU Optronics was NT $24.25 billion, an increase of 5.9% over the previous month and 0.5% over the same period last year. < p > < p > in August, the overall shipment of large-size panels, including LCD TVs, desktop displays and laptop panels, exceeded 11.46 million, an increase of 2.6% over July. About 9.4 million pieces of small and medium-sized panels were shipped, 7.7% less than that in July. < p > < p > formerly known as Daqi technology, Youda optoelectronics was founded in August 1996. After merging with Lianyou Optoelectronics in 2001, it was renamed Youda optoelectronics. In 2006, it acquired Guanghui electronics again. Youda has a complete LCD production line from generation 3.5 to generation 8.5, providing 1.1 “to 85” panel covering various display applications. < / P > < p > TFT-LCD, AMOLED and new display technologies including flexible display are all based on semiconductor technology, which can be collectively referred to as semiconductor display. Semiconductor display can be defined as the display technology of controlling each minimum display unit independently by semiconductor devices. 865 optimization is different? These mobile phones should teach you a lesson!