Youfu sharing Meizu 17 series users recommend friends, both parties can share 18 months warranty

Meizu 17 series users have new welfare activities to enjoy. After successfully recommending Meizu 17 series, both parties can enjoy an 18 month warranty, and those who have extended the warranty need not worry, and they can also get free movie tickets. < p > < p > Meizu has launched new activities. Happy are the small partners who are using Meizu 17 series. Exclusive activities are coming to share love and worry free. Recommend Meizu 17 series to your relatives and friends who have not used Meizu 17 series, and share this pure love. New users successfully purchase Meizu 17 series and register the extended warranty information within 7 days after purchasing the machine. Both the recommender and the recommender can get 18 months’ super long warranty. < / P > < p > users who have already used Meizu 17 and have obtained extended insurance need not worry. Meizu has prepared a movie ticket gift for you, and will issue movie tickets to you in the form of SMS, which is a good opportunity to watch movies. What are Meizu 17 series users waiting for? Quickly recommend Meizu 17 series to your friend and tell him your joy and love= target=_ blank>American companies begin to give up R & D: who should pay for corporate research?