Youmeng + launched small program statistical analysis products to realize the layout of enterprise level data enabling closed-loop system

On August 6, at the Youmeng + applet data summit and new product launch, Lin Minghui, chief product officer of Youmeng + announced that the u-miniprogram, a full platform cross domain statistical analysis product of Youmeng + free, was launched. This marks that Youmeng + has fully deployed the enterprise level data enabling system, and enterprises can seize the opportunities of digital new infrastructure through Youmeng +. At the same time, the League of friends and Alipay issued a joint plan to fully empower the eco business digital operation. Through the “Xiao plan”, 100 + service providers and 100000 + excellent small program developers will be granted to build a new digital intelligent infrastructure. “The beginning of the epidemic has stimulated the rapid development of the small program industry, and the life services and e-commerce industries have been in a bad situation. Tiktok, Alipay QQ, applet, and other head enterprises’ strategic layout, making the small program showing an explosive growth trend, indicating that small programs have become a new business layout, and also become a new infrastructure for China’s Internet. Small programs will become the new infrastructure of the Internet. He used three key words to describe the three advantages of u-miniprogram: full platform, cross domain and refinement.

alliance + release small program statistical analysis products, in addition to covering WeChat, Alipay, the two main platforms, but also supports Baidu, byte beating ecological full range of small program data analysis, can help businesses fully tap the advantages brought by the platform and traffic dividends. < / P > < p > it has become a trend for businesses to lay out multi platform applets, and multi platform dispersion can not produce matrix effect. At this time, it is necessary to build a flow matrix. Through multi terminal and cross platform data acquisition and communication, we can have a comprehensive insight into the development and operation of enterprise small-scale matrix, and make data-based decision-making, so as to promote the continuous growth of small program users. < / P > < p > “in order to help businesses better conduct cross domain operations, we released the Internet enterprise data bank last year.” Lin Minghui said, “data banking can not only help businesses complete the data acquisition, attribution, connection and precipitation of PC terminal, APP end, and small program, but also gain insight into user profile / preference through Youmeng + global data, so as to help businesses stratify and operate users and enjoy the dividends brought by data technology.”. Through the precipitation and pull through of multi terminal data, enlarge the data value, break the “magic spell” of “run out” of small programs, and form a more sustainable transformation of commercial value. < / P > < p > “from the perspective of development speed, small programs have gone from the stage of horse racing and wild growth to the stage of thinking about how to do a good job in private domain traffic and fine operation.” According to Lin Minghui, Youmeng + has provided business / developers with data solutions covering the whole life cycle of four links: customer acquisition, activation, fission and transformation. Help businesses / developers to view the source of the flow pool, and clearly understand the new users, active users, content preferences and consumption preferences brought about by the promotion.

alliance + also provides a full range of multi terminal global touch operation solutions, including App push, official account push, subscription of small programs, and many other user touch modes. Help developers / businesses share and fission based on private domain data to achieve more accurate user access. < p > < p > Feng Chengqi, a senior product expert and on-site friendship alliance, also released a local living data solution. Help chain hotels, local life services, chain catering, operators and other multi store industries to build fine data management. Through the store, regional flow, marketing promotion, commodity heat data, businesses can flexibly adjust marketing and product selection strategies, and improve the input-output ratio.

Sun Lei, general manager of Alipay open ecosystem division, also released the joint plan of “friends alliance + Alipay” at the scene. User alliance + the three party data service platform designated by Alipay will fully empower eco business operators to digitally manage businesses and help businesses build integrated links from front-end traffic to back-end data operations and marketing operations. < / P > < p > at the same time, Youmeng + also released “Xiao plan” at the summit to provide upstream and downstream support for small and medium-sized developers by combining multiple platforms. Provide free data enabling and full link business operation resources for 100 + service providers and 100000 + excellent small program developers. < p > < p > it is reported that since the official release of Youmeng + small program statistical analysis product at the end of 2019, it has been used by many star customers, such as Gaode map, ink weather, Yipin home, express 100, etc. Xiaomi new machine real machine exposure center dig hole screen design or high color thousand yuan machine

Author: zmhuaxia