Young people’s first full picture! Nikon micro single digital camera Z5 will be on sale

On August 11, Nikon announced that its full frame micro single digital camera Z5 will be launched on Jingdong platform on August 25, and will be sold in all channels from August 31, at a price of 9800 yuan.

according to the official introduction, Nikon Z5 has about 24.32 million effective pixels. It is equipped with Nikon FX format CMOS sensor and extended 6 image processor, covering a wide range of commonly used sensitivity iso100-51200.

5-axis VR damping unit is used to provide camera jitter compensation, which can achieve the effect that the shutter speed is increased by about 5 gears. The special electronic VR damping function for video recording can be used together with VR damping in the camera to provide stable and effective camera jitter compensation during video recording.

equipped with compound auto focusing system, its 273 focus points can cover a wide area of the picture, and it can focus easily even when the main body is at the edge of the picture. The camera is also equipped with eye detection autofocus and animal detection autofocus, which can track the faces and eyes of moving people, dogs and cats with high precision.

with video recording function, it supports recording high-quality 4K ultra-high-definition video. It has an electronic viewfinder of about 3.69 million pixels and a foldable TFT LCD touch screen of about 8 cm, which can realize the intuitive operation of automatic focusing, shutter release and setting adjustment.

the front and top cover are made of lightweight and durable magnesium alloy, which is compatible with portable chargers, which improves durability and endurance. Other highlights include dual uhs-ii SD card slots, USB power supply and 470 battery life. Skip to content