Youth fearless, not afraid to challenge Huawei Mai mang 9 dance with young heart

With the continuous development of mobile phone technology, young groups have always been the focus of attention of major mobile phone manufacturers. For these young people, mobile phone is an important entertainment and social tool. Especially with the continuous improvement of 5g technology, the relationship between mobile phone and young people is getting closer and closer. However, for these young people with limited income, 5g is still a cutting-edge technology that can not be reached. < p > < p > maimang series is a high-quality mobile phone specially produced for young people. Since the first maimang mobile phone was launched in 2013, maimang has been aiming to meet the needs of young people. Fearless growth is the spiritual heritage of maimang people. Just on August 7, the new generation of maimang mobile phone – maimang 9 online and offline platform was officially launched for sale. < p > < p > maimang 9 has the leading 5g communication ability in the same gear, 6.8-inch large screen and emui 10.1 operating system. It can not only be online all the time, but also has excellent visual experience and smooth machine experience, which can fully meet the needs of young people. < / P > < p > in the daily life of young people, it must be common for young people to have groups to eat chicken and play king, and it is also inevitable to watch movies and pursue dramas. Therefore, the 5g communication capability and 6.8-inch high-definition screen of maimang 9 can further improve the game and film viewing experience. Maimang 9 is equipped with a 7Nm 5g chip, which improves the performance by 60% compared with the previous generation. At the same time, maimang 9 supports dual-mode 5g six band full Netcom, so young people can enjoy fast 5g no matter which carrier they use. In order to get a better network experience, it adopts four antenna SRS sky selection technology, and the theoretical peak download speed is 2.94gbps, which is 30% higher than the previous antenna technology. The large screen is of great benefit to the improvement of the overall impression. < / P > < p > in terms of social networking, with the help of the latest emui 10.1 system, maimang 9 has not only added the function of continuous call, but also a number of practical small functions such as finger joint screen capture and intelligent voice. In particular, the feature of screen sharing can make it more convenient for you to communicate with family and friends in daily life, and can also improve work efficiency through this feature. The addition of this system also makes maimang 9 an important part of Huawei’s strategy of realizing full scene intelligence. < / P > < p > it is worth mentioning that after the system is upgraded, maimang 9 can also recognize the map by AI. By scanning with maimang 9 or directly selecting any local image, it can quickly identify the real object, and give the corresponding information according to your actual needs, such as translated text, shopping links, calories, etc. < p > < p > maimang 9 is also equipped with 64 million high-definition three camera combination, which can perform well in shooting at night or capturing all kinds of sports scenes. In addition, EIS video anti shake helps you become the God of vlog. The combination of technologies and hardware, such as 4300mah battery and 22.5w super fast charging partner, 8 major power reduction and green 5g solution, has greatly improved the battery life and brought a lasting service experience for players. < p > < p > on the whole, maimang 9 has a user experience that surpasses its competitors in 5g, screen size, screen and system, etc., and maimang 9 is really dancing with young users. At the same time, the price starting from 2199 yuan was originally affordable for young users. Of course, if you go to the Huawei mall and the official flagship stores of major e-commerce platforms to buy a new machine, you can also enjoy three periods of interest free and free benefits of Huawei headphones! Iqoo5 series debut strength interpretation of “120 super full mark flagship”