Yu Chengdong announced at 11:00 that Huawei mate 40 was finally put on file, and the first batch of Hongmeng 2.0!

In the past week, there has been an endless stream of topics about Huawei and apple. The iPhone 12 will soon be released, and the first apple mobile phone supporting 5g network will be available. Considering the particularity of this year, Huawei Kirin 9000 chip will also be in short supply. Therefore, users who like Huawei Mobile phone pay special attention to it, and the most popular model in this period is Huawei mate40 has been revealed almost before its release, and the core configuration is also at a glance. All of you are waiting for Yu Chengdong to announce the date of Huawei mate40 press conference, and now the file has been finalized. < / P > < p > is in consideration of technical difficulties. The Hongmeng system that you expect will not be launched on this generation of Huawei mate40. Yu Chengdong has confirmed that it will be pushed to Huawei users next year. The first supported models are Qilin 9000 series. Therefore, Huawei mate40 will support Hongmeng system sooner or later We need not worry about this! Considering the influence of special period, Huawei mate 40 and iPhone 12 will be released live online. The biggest competitor of Huawei mate 40 is iPhone 12, and its core selling point is Kirin 9000 chip with 5nm process. In addition to Supporting Dual-Mode 5g network, Huawei also wants to upgrade NPU and GPU! < p > < p > the running points of Kirin 9000 are also exposed in advance. It is rumored on the Internet that it has exceeded 700000, and Huawei mate40pro has locked in Android performance in advance. Powerful photographing is also inseparable from excellent algorithms. After upgrading ai artificial intelligence technology, Huawei mate40pro will continue to hit the No.1 DxO in the world! Many fruit fans said frankly, although the Kirin 9000 is very powerful, it certainly has a certain gap compared with apple A14 bionics. The iPhone 12 also adds the external snapdragon x55 baseband combination. The performance of dual chip combination will be stronger, but the power consumption performance is unsatisfactory. Therefore, the author speculates that Huawei mate40 is inferior to the iPhone 12 in performance, but its endurance strength will have greater advantages! < / P > < p > from the digital chat station of a well-known blogger, the UI charging icon of 66W fast charging technology was found in the poster of Huawei emui 11 system, which means that this generation of mate will launch the 66W fast charging technology. Combined with 4500mAh capacity battery and wireless reverse charging technology, the endurance of Huawei mate40 Pro will become a big selling point! As for the lens parameters, considering that Huawei P40 Pro has just launched imx700 lens, Huawei mate 40 Pro will also carry this CMOS, with 50 megapixel main camera, free lens design, and higher multiple digital zoom technology, Huawei mate 40 will give the ultimate photo experience! < / P > < p > in this face-to-face era, many people are very concerned about the appearance of Huawei mate40pro. At present, its customized mobile phone case has appeared in China. Basically, the bangs screen design has been canceled and replaced by double digging hole + four curved surface OLED screen. The screen supply chain is from BOE. Under the cop chin process design, Huawei mate 40pro’s appearance is online! Huawei mate40’s rear lens is still a circular design. However, in view of the problem of Kirin 9000 stock this year, Huawei mate40 Pro will be extremely scarce, and the price increase is estimated to be unable to escape! Yu Chengdong announced at 11:00 that Huawei mate40 was finally put on file, and it will be the first batch of models to support Hongmeng 2.0. Happiness comes too suddenly. Do you expect it? Continue ReadingXiaomi new machine real machine exposure center dig hole screen design or high color thousand yuan machine