Yu Chengdong: mate 40 series released in September

It was reported on August 7 that Yu Chengdong, CEO of Huawei’s consumer business, revealed today at the 2020 summit of China’s 100 people’s Conference on information technology that the mate 40 series flagship new machine will be released in September this year and will continue to carry the self-developed Kirin series flagship chips. However, Yu Chengdong also admitted that due to the second round of sanctions from the United States this year, the production of Kirin chips will end on September 15, and the chips carried by mate 40 series may be out of print for Kirin high-end chips. Yu Chengdong also said that due to the second round of sanctions, Huawei’s mobile phone chip supply is difficult, and mobile phone chips are out of stock. Therefore, Huawei’s overall mobile phone shipment this year is expected to be less than last year’s 240 million units. < / P > < p > however, in the face of the dilemma of chip OEM being blocked, it was also reported that Huawei would purchase the MediaTek chips on a large scale as an alternative. In fact, there are obvious signs. In recent months, MediaTek Tianji 800 platform has appeared on Huawei’s midrange 5g models for many times, and the purchase of Huawei and other manufacturers has also helped mediate the company’s share of SOC chip shipment in China’s market in the second quarter of this year. Science Discovery