Yueshang group has become the third social e-commerce service platform listed in China after being gathered in pinduoduo

Recently, according to foreign media Yahoo Finance, another domestic social e-commerce platform has revealed good news. Wecrade Group Inc, the parent company of Yueshang group, a technical service platform for membership based social e-commerce, has successfully listed on the NASDAQ OTC board with the trading code of wetg. According to the news, wetrade group, the parent company of Yueshang group, is a technology service platform focusing on SaaS services providing technical support for wechat businesses and social e-commerce.

in recent years, with the number of wechat business practitioners in China increasing year by year, their demand for revenue management, channel data statistics, products and services has become increasingly strong. The demand for technical services by wechat teams has made more and more enterprises smell business opportunities, and wetrade group, the parent company of Yueshang group, is one of them. In the first half of 2020, Wetrade Group applied the self-developed micro revenue management system to China market. Because of its strong micro service technology system and deep understanding of China’s market, Wetrade Group entered a China’s mainland market and showed a trend of explosive growth. According to the analysis of industry experts, wetrade group is expected to achieve the goal of serving 20 million wechat users in the Chinese market in 2020.

the micro Alipay system can provide users with marketing relationship locking, CPS commission income management, APP multi-channel data statistics and other services, so as to solve the technical problems encountered in the development of micro businesses in a one-stop manner. Up to now, micro Alipay business has been applied in retail industry, tourism industry, hotel industry, beauty industry, etc. At the same time, with its own advantages in the field of social e-commerce and wechat business technology services, wetrade group has been exploring and developing supply chain direct procurement and community fission, and is committed to building a more perfect wechat business service system.

social e-commerce has been given an important historical mission from the moment it was born. The successful listing of Yueshang group’s parent company has once again strengthened the development of social e-commerce industry. So far, there are three American listed companies in China’s social e-commerce industry, namely pinduoduo, Yunji and Yueshang group.

with the rapid growth of social e-commerce market scale in recent years, the competition in the industry is becoming more and more intense. How the major platforms dancing on the spire how to play their own advantages to seize the market will become an important factor to determine the future development pattern of social e-commerce industry. As a representative of the new era, Yueshang group will create what kind of value in the future, let us wait and see!