Zeiss CEO denounces: don’t always want to make 64 megapixel mobile phone, it’s naive

Recently, Dr. Michael kaschke, chief executive of Zeiss, said in an interview with foreign media that the smartphone industry has now encountered bottlenecks in processing speed, noise reduction and cost. For mobile phones, 40 million pixels is more than enough. Samsung’s 64 megapixel mobile image sensor is too naive. < / P > < p > Dr. Michael kaschke believes that the Zeiss lens used in the Nokia 9 pureview mobile phone is a very good mobile phone lens in the current market. In the future, the mobile camera still needs to solve the following two problems: one is the problem of taking photos in low light conditions; the other is the lack of prominent zoom ability. < / P > < p > at present, mobile phones are used to record daily life, travel photos, meeting materials, street photos, emergencies, etc., which are very convenient and can completely replace the previous household entry-level card machine, but it is still not up to the standard to set foot in professional photography. < / P > < p > for example, can you take satellite orbits with your mobile phone? That requires a professional camera B door fixed shooting for more than two hours, can you use your mobile phone to shoot the jesus light scenery with consistent exposure? At least for now, mobile phones can meet the daily needs of the public, but it is impossible to replace professional cameras in the short term. There are too many constraints, such as mechanical shutter, large aperture, high sensitivity and noise reduction, and physical zoom of the lens. < / P > < p > when the light is good, the photos taken by this ultra-high pixel mobile phone are still very shocking! Especially when shooting scenery. The disadvantage is that when the light is low, there is too much noise in the photos. But now there is a four in one technology, coupled with multi frame noise reduction, and the light is weak, you can also take good photos. Only at this time, there are only 12 million pixels left. < / P > < p > a7r4 focuses on its own 61 million pixels, which turns away the majority of ordinary photography lovers, because it is useless for ordinary photography lovers to take 61 million pixels. Sometimes it’s not only useless, it’s a burden. The capacity of a raw photo is more than 100MB, and that of a JPG photo is 30MB. < / P > < p > although the majority of ordinary photography enthusiasts are turned away, it is a sharp tool for those who are engaged in studio, studio and outdoor photography all year round. 61 million pixels, 15 files of dynamic range, 240 million pixels of composite image for dry studio, studio, scenery party people on a word “cool”. < / P > < p > the last sentence is “mobile phone can never replace SLR” [gourd eaters] not necessarily! The camera has been available for nearly 200 years, but it has shrunk from a big box to a small square now! How long does the mobile phone appear again? With each passing day, portable micro is the general trend [Ma Sichun’s smile] the last photo of mobile phone camera is multi-point, which has the flavor of bionic insect compound eyes! Continue ReadingAmerican companies begin to give up R & D: who should pay for corporate research?