Zero quarter GTR, half as small as iPad, Ruilong 5 + NAS hard and rigid itx small steel gun

Mini mainframe has become my main productivity tool now, but when I was young, I preferred the huge full tower mainframe. I could add hardware of various sizes at will, and I was obsessed with running points and various large-scale games. The following one is the last one I kept, and there are four Mini hosts currently in use. From the volume comparison, the mini host only has the whole tower One in dozens. < / P > < p > this Intel Hades Canyon is currently used for black apple, as well as the main tool for codeword and video editing. It is also the most expensive and largest Mini host used. However, it is worth exchanging for three years without worry. < / P > < p > many people recommend computers to college students who are about to start school. It must be Apple’s three piece set. However, for families with little money, it is more cost-effective than laptops, and the smaller and portable mini host is what I would like to recommend today. The zero minute GTR is also very small in size. Let me start with my experience of using this period of time

  8. On the basis of genuine windows 10, it provides free NAS function, customized elinke service supports remote access to computer data < / P > < p > the biggest advantage of mini host is its small size, low energy consumption, and its biggest disadvantage is that its heat dissipation and performance are relatively weak, and its scalability is poor. However, although the mini host has these disadvantages compared with large chassis, it is cheaper and has better performance than notebook There are still a lot of users because of stronger heat dissipation. The main users who choose Mini host are as follows: in specific industries, such as hotels, supermarkets and industrial control, office users are not sensitive to performance, but their desktop should be clean and tidy; drifters often move, which will make it easier to carry. < / P > < p > the package also introduces the parameters of this zero moment GTR host. Equipped with the latest WiFi 6 and Bluetooth connection, the biggest feature is fingerprint identification. This is also the first non notebook computer that I saw to support fingerprint identification. The interface is too rich and can be described as grand slam. At present, you can find all the mainstream GTR hosts. At the same time, there are two mic connections on the front of the host You can also use voice assistant to control the computer. < / P > < p > the aluminum magnesium alloy shell still used this time is light and convenient for heat dissipation. The surface has been anodized, and the CNC cutting process has rounded edges and corners without the feeling of cutting hands. The zero engraving logo in the middle and the fingerprint identification module in the lower right corner support the live detection, which is much faster than inputting the password, especially the high-strength complex password is set. < / P > < p > there are still many accessories. Spare screws and 19v3a power adapter are attached with two HDMI cables. One of them is a short cable, which can be used to install on the back of the monitor. The gasket needed for mounting the monitor is also provided. The other USB flash disk is used for system installation and recovery. The test is very easy to use. Windows10 Pro genuine system, after the installation of the boot automatically activated, you buy a laptop or desktop are pre installed home version, compared to the professional version of the function is much worse. < / P > < p > take a look at the front of the fuselage. I think more people should use it flat on the desktop. In this way, the front type-C and audio interface can’t be avoided if the wiring of the equipment is not well arranged, but the body is small and mini. The red key is very eye-catching, and there is white backlight after startup, and the green button is clear about CMOS, which is caused by wrong setting Two USB3.0 interfaces, win10 supports voice assistant, and there is a mic on both sides. < / P > < p > the anti-skid rubber pads on the left and right sides at the bottom have a lot of texture, and the anti-skid effect is better. There are shortcut keys on the top. When starting up, you can press ESC to enter BIOS settings, and press F7 to select the startup option. GTR letter punching is also used as air inlet, because the direction of the fan is blowing towards the back of the fuselage. < / P > < p > the fuselage is really small enough to be easily put into a backpack. Moreover, the size of the power adapter is not large, and the material on the top surface is easy to get fingerprints. Whether it is placed at home by the desk in the study or by the TV in the living room, it will not be noticed. < / P > < p > dual Gigabit network interface, which I like very much. For a long time, the mini host is limited by its volume. Most of them only have one network port, so it is difficult to use it for network double dialing, or as a node for isolating internal and external networks. The six holes on the top are the main air outlets for heat dissipation, and they must not be placed in the places with shelter behind. Double HDMI and a standard DP interface are both standard The interface does not need special wire, DP output 4k60 frames is no problem, used in TV or projection to watch HD movies is very good. < / P > < p > there are four USB3.0 interfaces on the far right. Although there are all kinds of internal shielding, the USB interface will still be interfered with, which can be solved by connecting with an external hub. With the type-C interface in front of you, you can connect 4 screens in total. No matter you are video editing, stock speculation or code tapping, you can catch up while working. < / P > < p > open the case cover, I installed a 2.5-inch 1TB mechanical hard disk here, the nvme solid-state of m.2 is under it, and under the black shield on the right is two 8g ram, with a total of 16GB for dual channels. < / P > < p > remove the heat sink cover of the mechanical hard disk box, and you can see the motherboard, memory and SSD below. The internal workmanship is very good, and the layout is very tight. The cooling fan and copper pipe are on the other side of the main board, so we don’t need to dismantle it here. After looking at the actual cooling effect, we can see that there is an m.2 interface, which can be installed with another solid state, but it is not nvme Second hand stat, the speed may be much lower than the current one. < / P > < p > on the other side of the two m.2 SSDs, there are cooling strips, which can quickly dissipate the heat of the hard disk, and avoid overheating caused by the direct contact of the hard disks of the above models. < / P > < p > such a small host is most suitable to be installed on the back of the monitor. Compared with the all-in-one machine, it is more flexible and conforms to the international VESA hole spacing suspension standard. It can also be installed with such a bracket. Fix the screw hole of the host computer with the attached screws, and then install it on the monitor bracket. < / P > < p > in volume, the length is only 3mm longer than the iPhone 11 Pro max, and the width is only two-thirds of the length of the mobile phone. In fact, the current host can provide power and transmit video signals through a type-C cable, so as to save the power adapter and separate HDMI or DP cable. The keyboard and mouse can be wireless or wireless, and a USB can be prepared Hub, connected in the back of a variety of USB control devices, so that the desktop refreshing more, a variety of cable is the natural enemy of the desktop. < / P > < p > connect Mini mainframe and NAS products. I prefer to use this kind of touch portable display, which saves even keyboard and mouse. Just connect the power supply and then type-C to connect the monitor. The two lines can be used to play various games with the screen touch control, innocn The 15.6-inch monitor of N1G has the same display effect as the professional monitor, and the ten touch control is very sensitive. < / P > < p > when win10 is initialized, it will automatically detect the fingerprint identification module and let you set the fingerprint. Microsoft also thinks that fingerprint is a faster and more secure way to log in. It is difficult to determine whether it is safe or not, but fast is really true. I have never failed to identify during this period of time, so I logged in with a brush. < / P > < p > let’s take a look at the hardware and software configuration with Master Lu. This AMD ryzen 5 3550h standard pressure processor is mainly used in notebook and mini host products. If it is a laptop with the same configuration, the price is not only half higher; 16GB hoodisk DDR4 2666mhz dual channel memory is also the mainstream configuration at present, 512gb SSD space and read-write speed are enough, not to mention the installation of a 1TB mechanical hard disk. < / P > < p > the latest version of CPU-Z shows the processor’s real price. It has 4 cores and 8 threads. It is equipped with AMD radon Vega 8 display core and 2GB video memory. It has the same performance as gtx750 and gt1030. It can play mainstream online games and reduce the image quality of large-scale stand-alone games. < / P > < p > use the latest version of cinebench to test the processor level. The result shows that it is equivalent to Intel i7-4850hq, because the comparison is all Intel processors, and the models are not very complete. The results are for reference only. < / P > < p > if CPU-Z is used to test, compared with i5-7600k of Intel, the performance of multi-core processing is much better than that of Intel, and the processing performance of single core is almost the same. < p > < p > Master Lu’s performance score is nearly 230000, and the processor and disk performance are good. As a core display, the performance of the graphics card has reached the entry-level level level of the graphics card, but it meets the requirements of power consumption and heat dissipation control of the mini host. < / P > < p > after a period of normal application, the temperature is about 40 ℃. At this time, the fan can hardly hear the sound, and the sound of the fan running at high speed is only heard when playing games and copying machines. < / P > < p > doughnut copying machine for 7 minutes, with a maximum temperature of 72 ℃. Many people say that it takes at least 1 hour to run. This mini host is not the main video card performance. I think running for a few minutes can also explain the problem. You can see that when the temperature rises, as soon as the fan speed rises, the temperature immediately decreases. This m.2 nvme was tested by crystal disk mark The performance of the 512gb SSD of the PCIe interface has reached 1998.51mb/s, which is higher than the highest value given by the government, and the sequential writing has also reached 1580mb / s. both the loading of games and the simultaneous processing of a large number of pictures and videos will be faster. When the SSD is used for the first time, it will feel like taking off, but now it is not so obvious to be used to it. < / P > < p > although the game is not the main application scenario, it may also be used for entertainment in leisure time. Here, the software is used to test the instant GTR to test the four games. All of them can play smoothly with low and medium effects. < / P > < p > has also actually experienced an average of 93fps, which should be said to be very smooth, and the system resource consumption is very low. Zero moment GTR should deal with such a game so easy. The average frame number of < / P > < p > is 39. All the resources of the video card are occupied. The effect should be improved by lowering the image quality. The default image quality setting is used here. < / P > < p > it’s not so much the setting of sci-fi scenes, cool action shooting, and movie level pictures that attract me more than free. But the game screen is really beautiful, and because of the low requirements for machine configuration, this game ranks first in steam online. The space setting allows the battlefield to be extended infinitely. < / P > < p > these games take up tens of gigabytes of space. The fluency of the game also tests the loading speed of hard disk files. There is no obvious jam in the whole game test. Maybe the game I choose is not related to eating hardware. But these games are all my favorite games. So I focus on the other 70 GB and 80 GB games It will take a long time to complete the test. < / P > < p > there are many NAS software based on windows, but they are either complicated to set up or need to be charged. The elink developed by scratch supports one click installation. After installation, the computer can support accessing images, videos, documents and other data in the GTR outside the home network. < / P > < p > elinke also provides a mobile client to support IOS and Android platforms