Zero time difference for Android 11! Coloros 11 upgrade public beta experience: smooth and smooth

At 1:10 a.m. on September 9, Beijing time, Google quietly released the official version of Android 11. Originally, it thought that it was its own son, pixel series, to download and update in advance for some days. < / P > < p > surprisingly, coloros has achieved second level push this time. Many netizens reported that their oppo mobile phone had received the new coloros version at the first time, and clearly indicated that the kernel was based on Android 11, with a volume of 3.57gb. < / P > < p > and it is particularly noteworthy that the version number of this push system is coloros 11, which means that this is a big version update from coloros 7 to coloros 11. At the same time, oppo also announced coloros The most noteworthy thing about the system interface is that the system interface supports free customization, including modifying the system style and color, customizing the icon shape and color in the control center, supporting the third-party icon package on the desktop, three dark modes, supporting wallpaper dimming and icon matching adjustment, automatic turning on and off the dark mode at sunrise and sunset, etc. < / P > < p > in the aiot era, coloros 11 also strengthens the multi terminal interconnection, and multiple devices can be connected to each other without restriction. Among them, the watch interconnection supports the synchronization of alarm clock, and the mobile phone alarm clock can be controlled by the watch, while the mobile phone interconnection supports screen sharing, and remote users can watch movies and chat synchronously. < / P > < p > in addition, the new system desktop, security and privacy, breeno screen recognition, games, communication, photo album, camera, barrier free and other aspects, especially the performance and fluency, have been carefully improved and optimized. < / P > < p > in addition, after experiencing the latest coloros, users have more feedback that the “silky experience” of the system has been significantly improved, and their perception of fluency is quite strong. < / P > < p > this public beta of coloros 11 is the first domestic customized ROM in the industry to provide the experience of Android 11 official version. Our oppo find x2 Pro has applied for the push and upgrade of this version. Let’s share some experience of using the new system. < / P > < p > after upgrading to coloros 11, the UI interface of oppo find x2 Pro gives people a completely new feeling. Great changes have taken place in both the system UI and various transition animations triggered during operation. < / P > < p > the most obvious is that the system desktop and the notice bar that appears in the drop-down all adopt a new layout, especially the ground glass effect is added to the background of the notice bar. < / P > < p > the transition animation of coloros 11 has also become very delicate and smooth, such as opening or closing the application in daily life, and it can be played back and forth freely. Combined with the 120Hz high refresh rate screen of oppo find x2 pro, the experience is really too much to go back to. < / P > < p > in more detail, in terms of the details observed by the author in the process of many days’ experience, coloros The animation upgrade of 11 is mainly in three aspects: < / P > < p > 1. Interruptible Control Animation: in the process of desktop application opening / closing / list folding / control switch / panel folding and expanding, if the operation is interrupted, there will be corresponding animation reminder; < / P > < p > 3. Global dynamic optimization: when there is no operation and multiple pop-up windows appear, they will be integrated into one window, and the content will fade in The height changes naturally. Detail Animation: the volume bar will be thicker when the volume is adjusted, and the bottom / top animation prompt will appear when the volume is the minimum and maximum; more 3D animation will be added. < / P > < p > in terms of screen fingerprint unlocking, we don’t need to be wordy about the conventional unlocking and payment functions. It is worth noting that coloros 11 brings a new fingerprint quick start mode to mobile phones. < / P > < p > just click on the screen and long press the fingerprint pattern on the screen to start the application with one key. Enter the start-up interface, slide to the icon, release to open, very convenient. Users can arrange and replace three commonly used applications independently.

this means that when shopping, we can further shorten the payment time. When the screen is displayed, a long click on the fingerprint triggers a key quick start, and the default is Alipay payment code, WeChat scan and WeChat payment code. < / P > < p > if you feel that the one button payment is not enough in the status of breath screen, try to customize and replace common apps, such as adding “BiliBili” to the one button quick start mode. When the breath screen is displayed, long press the fingerprint to call out BiliBili Bili from the one button quick start mode, and one-step direct access. < / P > < p > not only that, but also coloros 11 goes deeper into the app. If you want to open “my order” and check where the takeout is, add the shortcut “hungry my order” to the fingerprint quick start user-defined settings. You can enter the order interface with one key under the black screen to query your just ordered takeout. < / P > < p > in the interaction of fingerprint unlocking, coloros 11 has almost brought the application of screen fingerprint into full play, making fingerprint identification more practical, simplifying the complicated steps of daily use, and giving people a smooth experience. < / P > < p > the intelligent sidebar has always been a popular feature of coloros. It supports the customization of multiple applications. After the smart sidebar function is turned on, you can slide out the interface through the right side of the vertical screen or the left side of the horizontal screen. < / P > < p > the intelligent sidebar of coloros 11 provides more ways to play. In addition to the basic application switching, breeno screen recognition quick entry is also put into it. This function is more practical with the intelligent sidebar. It can complete screen recognition without cutting out the interface, pressing text or pictures for a long time. < / P > < p > in order to create an immersive silky and smooth experience on the mobile phone, in addition to the visual part mentioned above, that is, the UI of transition animation, the touch is indispensable. In smart phones, it is vibration. Good vibration design can let users get better feedback in use. < / P > < p > coloros 11 also optimizes vibration adjustment, adding stepless vibration, and provides freely adjustable vibration options for ring / notification / touch feedback. < / P > < p > take oppo find x2 pro in our hands as an example, which supports video zoom from super wide angle to 10x when shooting video. < / P > < p > due to the great difference of sensor frames in general mobile phones, if there is no post optimization processing, there will be a sense of lens splitting in the process of switching between the main camera and the wide-angle lens. < / P > < p > and coloros 11 adds inertial zoom function, which makes up for its shortcomings in video zoom. The problems such as video zoom stuck and zoom speed uncontrollable have been solved. < / P > < p > from the following picture, oppo find x2 benefits from the addition of inertial zoom function Pro super wide angle lens, main camera lens and telephoto lens switch smoothly and smoothly. If you don’t pay close attention to it, it’s hard to see the change of lens switching. < / P > < p > in the current situation of personal vlog popularity, it is especially suitable for one mirror to the bottom shooting. It can cover the panorama, and can switch to the main Shot Close-Up without any conflict. The experience is quite good. < p > < p > AI application pre startup has always been the focus of coloros. Its principle is to record and analyze the user’s usage habits during the morning, noon, night and bedtime, and preload the responsive application for the user at a specific time. < / P > < p > for example, if users often turn on “didi” taxi after work at 9:00 p.m., coloros will learn this habit of users, and pre load & quot; didi & quot; software into memory before 9pm, and prepare CPU and IO resources for it. < / P > < p > when the user clicks the “didi” icon, the program can be opened at the speed of hot start to realize the second open. By analogy, AI application pre startup can improve the operation efficiency of mobile phones without affecting the system resource occupation. < / P > < p > of course, the pre startup of AI applications needs a certain amount of time for machine learning, and the smooth experience may not be felt in the initial stage of use. With the extension of mobile phone use time, the experience becomes more and more smooth. < / P > < p > in the coloros 11 generation, AI application pre startup has not undergone functional changes, mainly through further optimization: according to the official statement, the application startup speed is increased by 15%, the startup efficiency is improved by 50%, and the system fluency is improved by 15%. < / P > < p > first of all, the system UI and transition animation have been completely changed, and become very delicate and smooth. The application can be opened or closed every day, and it can be retracted and played freely. With the high refresh rate screen, the visual experience is difficult to use. < / P > < p > coloros 11 not only attaches importance to the smooth upgrading of vision, but also further strengthens the experience from the aspect of touch. It adds multi-level vibration sense of input method, and now it can provide different pseudo vibration feedback according to the input keyboard position change, and the operation is fluent. < / P > < p > in terms of interaction, coloros 11 brings a brand-new fingerprint quick start mode for mobile phones. You just need to click on the screen and long press the fingerprint pattern on the screen to quickly start the application or shortcut with one key. When shopping, we can further shorten the payment time, simplify the complicated steps of daily use, and give people a smooth experience of simplifying. < p > < p > the silkiness and fluency brought by coloros 11 are all aspects, and even extended to the imaging system. Due to the addition of the inertial zoom function, the switching between multiple cameras is smooth and smooth. If you don’t pay close attention to it, it’s difficult to see the switching changes between the lenses. It’s suitable for shooting from the bottom of a mirror, and the experience is quite good. < / P > < p > although the software and hardware are a whole, but in the background of the gradual homogenization of smartphone hardware, the attraction of software is undoubtedly growing, which will become the key point of future competition. < p > < p > once upon a time, oppo gave the impression that it was only a manufacturer good at hardware research and development and manufacturing. Now it seems that the mastery of system software is becoming more mature and sophisticated. Coloros will be the key for oppo to make up for its comprehensive ability and make concerted efforts in soft and hard services to gain more competitive advantages. < / P > < p > in addition, as a major version upgrade, coloros 11 has more than these new features. More new features of coloros 11 will be announced online at 09:30 on September 24, which is worth looking forward to and paying attention to. 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