“Zhang Dongsheng” actor Qin Haocheng Samsung mobile phone brand ambassador netizens comments bright

Not long ago, online dramas were popular. Among them, Zhang Dongsheng was very impressive. Not only did he see some famous scenes such as “climbing mountains and taking photos”, but the sentence “do you think I still have a chance?” As a popular saying, begging seems to be a warning, which makes people shudder. < p > < p > this afternoon, Qin Hao, the actor of Zhang Dongsheng, announced that he was the brand ambassador of Samsung mobile phone. He also showed a poster holding Samsung Galaxy note 20 series with a serious expression. < / P > < p > as the landmark function of Samsung Galaxy Note Series, s pen has also ushered in a new upgrade, which greatly improves the accuracy of stroke and the response speed of writing, making the writing experience more close to the natural and fluent of real paper and pen. With the help of five kinds of space separated operation gesture commands added by s pen, users can easily realize various remote control operations such as home page, return, recent use, intelligent screenshot and screen capture editing. Older posts →

Author: zmhuaxia