Zhang Hanyun speaks for black shark 3S

On July 29, black shark technology announced that black shark 3S will be officially released on July 31, which will be a new generation of E-sports flagship created by black shark technology. At the same time, Zhang Hanyun, who participated in the program, was invited to speak for black shark 3S.

compared with black shark 3, black shark 3S upgraded the screen to a 120Hz, 270Hz touch sampling rate Samsung AMOLED display, and equipped with the fifth generation display chip. Although it doesn’t carry a 144hz screen like the ordinary game phones, the smooth experience and high fidelity image quality are first-class. In terms of core configuration, black shark 3S is expected to carry snapdragon 865, lpddr5 memory and UFS 3.1 flash memory, and support super fast charging. In addition, the black shark 3S has also been upgraded in the kernel, and the new joyui 12 system has brought faster and stronger software support for black shark 3S. It is based on MIUI 12 and retains the functions of super wallpaper, Vientiane screen, play screen, game screen, etc.

not only that, but also a USB 3.0 interface can be connected to the computer for screen projection, so that users can feel a more dynamic and broader visual experience. Although it is wired connection, it does not affect the quality of the picture, and there will be no jamming, delay and other phenomena. Such a game phone, think about it is very exciting, there is no doubt that this will be tailored for the majority of game players to build the racing machine.

Author: zmhuaxia