Zhang Ping: what does Huawei say when it places a huge order for chips with MediaTek?

Although neither Huawei nor MediaTek has confirmed, from the current situation, Huawei must purchase chips from MediaTek, otherwise Huawei will face the embarrassment of no core available in the second half of the year. At present, it is rumored on the Internet that Huawei has placed an order with MediaTek for 120 million chips. Market insiders believe that Huawei can place an order for chips from MediaTek, which shows that Huawei has no alternative solution for chip use. For Huawei, it’s a huge loss that Huawei can’t continue to use Kirin chips developed by itself. Under the influence of US regulatory policies, Huawei can only purchase chips from MediaTek. For Huawei, it is impossible to use Kirin chips which are independently developed. After using the 8 million Kirin chips for stock, Kirin chips are facing temporary suspension. < / P > < p > and how long the shutdown period will last is still unknown. It may even be a permanent shutdown before China has the ability to process 5nm chips on its own. < p > < p > before, TSMC bypassed the restrictions of the U.S. government through various policies and methods to help Huawei continue to produce chips. Now it seems that the U.S. government is really going to crack down. No one can really get around the restrictions. < / P > < p > on the one hand, if we really get 120 million chip orders, it will exceed Huawei’s demand for two-thirds of the annual sales of mobile phones. In this way, we can improve the competitiveness of MediaTek. < / P > < p > on the other hand, MediaTek can not only enhance its brand image, but also improve its chip products. If Huawei has accumulated rich experience in the field of chip manufacturing and shares these experiences with MediaTek in order to improve the performance and stability of chips, MediaTek will also grow, which will be the last result that Qualcomm wants to see. < p > < p > when Huawei is at the end of its tether, it is another village with hidden willows and bright flowers. It has been reported last week that Huawei and Qualcomm have reached a patent settlement. Huawei has paid $1.8 billion in 3G and 4G patent fees to Qualcomm, which has also eased the relationship between Huawei and Qualcomm in some ways. This is also for the sake that Huawei has a good way to purchase Qualcomm chips. < / P > < p > although, for Huawei, there is no big difference in purchasing chips from MediaTek and Qualcomm without the chips independently developed by Huawei. But in fact, there is a big gap between MediaTek’s chip technology and that of Qualcomm, especially for high-end chips. It should be Huawei’s best choice to let Qualcomm help Huawei produce high-end chips. < / P > < p > at the same time, for Qualcomm, he is afraid that Huawei and MediaTek will work together to acquire the ability to develop high-end chips. So it’s trying to persuade the U.S. government to allow Huawei’s chips to be provided by Qualcomm, which can generate $8 billion a year. < p > < p > Huawei’s large orders to manufacturers such as MediaTek, which only produce medium and low-end chips, shows that Chinese technology enterprises have entered a dark time and are forced to be helpless. If TSMC, Samsung, or Qualcomm can produce high-end chips for Huawei, how can Huawei go to MediaTek to relieve their worries? < / P > < p > for MediaTek, it is worrying that it can not surpass Qualcomm in technology and business! With Huawei’s technology and orders, MediaTek can quickly narrow the gap with Qualcomm. < / P > < p > in order to avoid MediaTek from becoming the biggest winner, Qualcomm is trying to persuade the US government to let it be responsible for Huawei’s high-end chip supply. However, from this point of view, we in China must have the ability to mass produce high-end chips, otherwise we may be stuck in the neck and life will be very difficult. New product launch