Zhang Rujing, founder of SMIC

On August 4, at the third generation semiconductor development opportunity exchange summit in China, SMIC founder Zhang Rujing said that the gap between China and overseas semiconductors is not so big. He is optimistic and believes that it can be caught up with.

“in some places, China is very strong, such as packaging and testing. As for the equipment, lithography and so on, we have a big gap. I don’t think the gap between us in terms of materials is very big. ”

“if China keeps ahead in 5g technology, China will be far ahead in communication, artificial intelligence, cloud service and so on in the future, because China is very strong in the field of high-tech application.” Zhang Rujing also compared tiktok, which has been widely publicized recently, with Facebook. He thinks that tiktok is much better than Facebook, has many special functions, and is deeply loved by American young people.

when fair competition fails, the United States will use administrative means. In the 1980s, the United States once imposed restrictions on Japan, and in recent years, it began to restrict 5g. This time, the object of restriction is China, but “the ability to restrict is not so strong, but it can not be taken lightly.”.

the third generation semiconductors are often used in 5g. For example, many high-frequency chips are made of gallium nitride, which has high frequency, high-voltage and high-temperature resistance. For example, silicon carbide used in driverless cars and charging piles is also the third generation, which is used very much. Zhang Rujing believes that these us will ban China. “I think the third generation semiconductor IDM is the mainstream now, but foundry still has the opportunity.”.

“it’s mainly talents. Several good hands have come to teach the young people here. We can almost keep pace with each other.” Zhang Rujing said that it is very lonely and hard to do this industry, which needs strong faith support. American companies begin to give up R & D: who should pay for corporate research?