Zhang Xiaoyun, CMO of Huawei’s consumer business, announced his retirement and once founded a public relations team in the terminal market

“Twenty years has been like a dog in a white cloud,” Zhang said on his microblog. Recently, I have retired from Huawei Company, which has served for nearly 20 years. The most precious golden years in my life have been spent in Huawei Company, which is the glory of my life. thank! Thank you! Blessing According to public data, Zhang Xiaoyun joined Huawei in 2001 and has been engaged in R & D, sales and marketing. She joined the terminal team in the second year of Huawei’s terminal establishment, during which she led the East Asian sales team to successfully break through 3G developed markets such as Japan, Hong Kong and Taiwan. < p > < p > Zhang Xiaoyun was the first spokesperson of Huawei mobile phone and the founder of Huawei terminal public relations system. He founded Huawei terminal market public relations team.

at the beginning of the glory, Zhang Xiaoyun served as the chief listening officer. He was responsible for communicating with consumers and getting product feedback, and then adjusted to glory CMO. < p > < p > in response to Zhang Xiaoyun’s farewell microblog, glory president Zhao Ming forwarded: “wish glory a happy and relaxed life! The legend of glory will always be spread in the mobile phone world in the future. “. Straight screen S20! Samsung Galaxy S20 Fe exposure: 1Hz high brush + snapdragon 865