Zhang Zhilin patiently accompanied yuan Yongyi to go shopping and buy mobile phones. The atmosphere was excellent

Recently, some netizens met Zhang Zhilin and Yuan Yongyi in a mobile phone store. They experienced the feel of the new mobile phone in the mobile phone store, and talked about their experience from time to time. In the picture, Yuan Yongyi, dressed in Khaki trench coat, white T-shirt and shoulder bag, is accompanied by Zhang Zhilin in the experience store, offering advice from time to time. The couple have a wonderful shopping atmosphere. < p > < p > this time, Zhang Zhilin changed the tedious way of buying bags with his wife in the past. It was no longer yuan Yongyi’s way of looking at the bag, touching it, asking about it, but the way he was waiting on the side. There is a faint sense of elation, and finally it is no longer just a wallet man. After studying for some time, Yuan Yongyi picked out a mobile phone and stared at her husband. Zhang Zhilin knew how to pay at the counter. After paying the bill, the two slowly walked out of the store and went to the next one. < p > < p > after they left, some media took photos of them showing up again. Yuan Yongyi was wearing the same clothes and couldn’t put down the new machine. It seemed that she was taking a self portrait. If the beautiful selfie can also send ah! It’s nice to wear a mask. < p > < p > Zhang Zhilin wrapped his scarf tightly, but he did not know how aggressive he was when he rolled up his sleeves. He turned a blind eye to his wife’s experience of indulging in his new mobile phone. There is no way, his wife, can only pet. Huawei has finally made a choice! Xiaomi and ov have also followed up. Have you ever thought about today?