Zhang Ziyi’s work GAGs were exposed. Wang Feng and her daughter came to visit, but I paid attention to her under the original camera

Speaking of Zhang Ziyi, I believe you are quite familiar with it. As an international superstar, she feels like a distant goddess. She always feels that Zhang Ziyi is a “unattainable” female star. She always feels like a queen. We also like to see Zhang Ziyi’s works. The acting skills and beauty are double online. < p > < p > after she married Wang Feng, Zhang Ziyi became more grounded and friendly to the people, and she felt that all aspects of her speech and behavior have become more common. Seeing her with Wang Feng’s family, she is like a good wife and good mother. After giving birth to her second child, Zhang Ziyi will be able to return to work soon. It can be seen that her recovery ability is also very strong. < p > < p > Zhang Ziyi’s work GAGs are exposed. Wang Feng and her daughter come to visit, but I pay attention to her under the original camera! I believe you like Zhang Ziyi very much, and usually pay attention to her every move. Recently, Zhang Ziyi also shared a work gag for everyone to see. This time, Wang Feng and his daughter can be seen waking up to visit their classes. It’s really envious to see the happy picture of this family. Who dares to say that there is no true love in the entertainment industry? It’s obviously true love. < / P > < p > and in this work video, Wang Feng also massages Zhang Ziyi’s shoulder. This is really a pet of his wife. Even if Zhang Ziyi works outside, he is very concerned about coming to see it. Seeing the happy smile on Zhang Ziyi’s face, it is also obvious that Zhang Ziyi is now very happy. And Zhang Ziyi is married to the right person. Wang Feng is really considerate to her. < / P > < p > and the lovely daughter wakes up, which makes her super happy. Wang Feng saw that his wife is also a super brilliant smile, this is really a loving family, so have you paid attention to Zhang Ziyi under the original camera? This recovery is also very good, this is not just the appearance of the second child? It’s also very happy to see the sweet old husband and wife, who is as sweet as the first love. She is also very happy to see the picture folded out of the mirror, and Zhang Ziyi smiles happily when she sees her husband visiting her. However, it is worth mentioning that Zhang Ziyi’s real state is also very good. It can’t be seen that she was a mother who had two children? Is it easy for stars to recover after giving birth to children? But Zhang Ziyi’s figure is also maintained really well, such a state that is 41 years old? It’s really enviable. Although Zhang Ziyi didn’t stand up, she couldn’t see her whole body picture. Moreover, Zhang Ziyi is wearing a warm suit jacket, so it is obvious that she pays attention to maintenance. Moreover, Zhang Ziyi’s clavicle is too obvious. It seems that she can really return to the most real state under the original camera. And even the side face is also very good-looking, this is the right goddess, so the spirit of the appearance is too good. < / P > < p > when she saw the original camera shooting directly to her face, she was also able to withstand the shooting of the original camera. What’s more, the filter is very nice. And see Zhang Ziyi’s facial features and eyes are not obvious wrinkles, this nose is also very high, it can be seen that it is super OK state. What’s more, Zhang Ziyi’s greatest success should be that she married a right person and formed a happy family. It’s also very beautiful. Moreover, Zhang Ziyi’s daughter is also very similar to Zhang Ziyi. This lovely little look is also very similar to her mother, and she inherited her mother’s good looks. Moreover, it is really too happy to have love and be a family. With the arrival of the second child, it will add more excitement to the family. However, Zhang Ziyi’s state is really well maintained, and I admire her from the bottom of my heart. And Zhang Ziyi’s postpartum recovery is too powerful. With this romantic filter, Zhang Ziyi is even happier. And Zhang Ziyi’s skin is also very good. In fact, if you look carefully, you can see that the corners of her mouth have obvious “law lines”, so it is also marked by the years. But on the whole, I feel that the maintenance is very good. < p > < p > for the exposure of Zhang Ziyi’s work gags, Wang Feng and her daughter came to visit, but I paid attention to her under the original camera! What do you think? Welcome to comment and leave a message. Science Discovery