Zhao Hongliang: innovative application of new technology in cultural tourism operation

Under the epidemic situation, the proportion of information consumption in the whole scene of online and offline integration continues to increase, gradually giving birth to new space and new mode of information consumption, and also brings many unprecedented demands – calling for a higher capacity, higher speed and intelligent channel to provide safer and more efficient response to the development of the situation and win the war against “epidemic” As a result, 5g application scenarios become more clear and feasible. Online and offline integration consumption, telemedicine, distance education, ultra high definition live broadcast, contactless distribution, and remote office are in strong and urgent demand. Enriching the application scenarios of 5g technology and accelerating the implementation of 5g has become an urgent task. < p > < p > on July 31, the fourth issue of the online live broadcast forum series of “China room cup 5g business, tourism, cultural, technological innovation and application competition” was broadcast online in Leju. The organizing committee invited a number of leading enterprises and institutions in the field of scientific and technological innovation to gather online to focus on “enabling business, tourism and culture through scientific and technological innovation”, and to explore how to use information technology to highlight project features and improve consumption formats. Cultivate all kinds of new technologies, new models and new formats, and help industrial upgrading and application of innovative technologies. < / P > < p > with the rapid development of the Internet, the traditional behavior standard service has lost its core value. Invisible Online + tangible offline service mode is the future trend. Based on the integration of Internet thinking mode and “China’s new infrastructure”, we will provide customers with diversified customized services. < / P > < p > People’s demand for a better life is not only reflected in the beautiful scenery and fresh air environment, but also in the aspects of leisure and vacation, health care and pension. Therefore, cultural and tourism real estate is facing great development opportunities. The mountains, seas, lakes and forests we have arranged are designed to meet people’s dream of pursuing a better life. < / P > < p > we have a group of owners who pursue happiness, health, freedom, and advocate high quality and personalized lifestyle. Therefore, we have set up a popular club. Members can share / exchange accommodation with other owners through the popular app to realize migratory bird life. While retaining the original function of value preservation and value-added of the property, the real estate is endowed with the function of liquidity, and travel with everyone. In addition, the popular club also actively integrates tourism life resources and vacation resources to meet people’s needs in tourism, recreation, leisure vacation, health care and pension, and provides one-stop service for migrant birds for owners. < p > < p > China’s economy has entered the stage of striving for a better life. People have more demands for the era of living in a different season, and a new era of living is coming in an all-round way. As an ideal, ambitious, capable and resourceful rongshengkang brigade, we are duty bound to shoulder the banner of living and sharing. At present, one belt, one road, one of 35 international holiday resorts, 58 hotels and 5 characteristic towns, including Czech, is also a place of interest. We will continue to open our dream of living in the world. We hope that we can advance with technology colleagues and predecessors in the 5G era and integrate technology with each other and give us more beautiful life together. Huawei has finally made a choice! Xiaomi and ov have also followed up. Have you ever thought about today?