Zhao Liying invited guests to the door, but the camera inadvertently “face slap”, the skin love love

I don’t know if you have found that as long as the program is updated, Zhao Liying’s joint topic will naturally appear on the hot search list. Sure enough, after the latest program was broadcast, Zhao Liying’s topic of “testing peaches with their bodies” has become a hot topic. In the original program, chef Lin Shuwei said that peaches were no good, but Zhao Liying was so amazing that she subconsciously made peaches into sand ice and juices. It seems that Yingbao is also a good expert of “diligence, thrift and Thrift”! However, in the new program, Zhao Liying has diarrhea due to bad peaches, but in the next program, Zhao Liying is the real big hit. It turns out that in the program, the Chinese restaurant is facing a business crisis. Zhao Liying and Huang Xiaoming are going to solicit customers from outside. We should know that Zhao Liying and others do not come to the Chinese restaurant to play. On the contrary, they have a demand for turnover. The turnover of nine days’ work should reach 20000. Zhao Liying and others should enlarge their efforts! In the next program, Zhao Liying, Huang Xiaoming and Li haofei enter the residential area and invite guests door to door. But we all know that not everyone likes to watch TV, and not everyone likes to get in touch with the stars. Therefore, although Zhao Liying and Huang Xiaoming have come to invite them, there are few guests who actually promise to go to dinner! < p > < p > to tell you the truth, Zhao Liying is also heartbroken when she sees the guests refuse. After all, under the camera, Zhao Liying looks tired and seems to have a sense of “powerless”. But then again, because Zhao Liying and Huang Xiaoming are walking in a narrow corridor, and in order to record the whole process, they have to take a close-up of Zhao Liying and others. However, as we all know, HD cameras do not have beauty and filter functions at all. On the contrary, the cameras can magnify a person’s flaws. Therefore, in the process of knocking on the door to kiss the guests, the partners of Chinese restaurants are hard to escape from “face to face shooting”! Zhao Liying, the partner of Chinese restaurant 4, is one of them. As you can see, the lens is a high-definition camera. Therefore, even if the camera inadvertently “takes pictures of Yingbao in the face”, Zhao Liying’s skin state can be seen at a glance. As you can see, Zhao Liying may be working outdoors, so her nose is shiny. But on the whole, except for the oil on her face, Zhao Liying seems to have no unnecessary skin defects! < / P > < p > continue to watch the shooting. Even though Zhao Liying knocked on the door from door to door, the host still refused to open the door and refused to eat in the Chinese restaurant. Although Zhao Liying and others can’t force the host family to have dinner, in the close-up, Zhao Liying’s face is oily, it seems that she has run many floors. It’s just that Zhao Liying is frustrated and lonely in her heart, but she will never show it. As you can see, Zhao Liying looks at the camera from the front, but her eyes are full of confidence. However, at this moment, I am very concerned about Zhao Liying’s skin condition. In the close-up of the camera, although Zhao Liying has oil on her face, her face is flushed. I can see that she is in excellent condition after becoming a mother. < p > < p > and Zhao Liying is 32 years old, but there are no wrinkles on her face, instead, it is full of collagen. Take a look at Zhao Liying’s skin in the health picture, and I love her! Of course, Zhao Liying’s skin condition is comparable to that of Li haofei, who is in her early twenties. This time, in contrast, I envy Zhao Liying’s state after becoming a mother. After all, after all, the skin state of ordinary people after becoming a mother is somewhat old, but Yingbao has become an exception. Her skin is white and her lips are red, and there is no trace of being a mother! However, Zhao Liying’s performance in the next 4 Chinese restaurant shows is all-round. After all, in addition to door-to-door solicitation, she also keeps inviting customers at the front desk. It seems that Zhao Liying is really managing the restaurant seriously. Just looking at Zhao Liying’s appearance, I feel more and more. After becoming a mother, Yingbao is not only beautiful and fresh, but also exudes feminine flavor. In a word, if you look at Yingbao’s face, the next program will catch up! Continue Reading865 optimization is different? These mobile phones should teach you a lesson!