Zheng Shuang welcomed the first live show with live broadcast, and the turnover of a single live Kwai break was 62 million.

August 21st, star Zheng Shuang is in the fast track to welcome the Kwai live show. In the end, the live Gmv exceeded 62 million, the cumulative orders on that day exceeded 140000, the total number of viewers was 13.74 million, and the number of interactions was 20 million +. The live broadcast lasted from 20:00 p.m. to 6:30 p.m. In August 22nd, it was Zheng Shuang’s birthday. It was also Zheng Shuang’s birthday celebration for Kwai Chung. Kwai Kwai mobile phone China’s cat Sister sold Zheng Shuang’s fast gold handpiece, China Gold Joint gold bar, vivo IQOO neo3 phone, weather gift gift box set after WHOO, hot pot combination of Mo Xiaoxian, barman rice noodles and many other products, and sent out luxury Ocean View Villa 3 days, 2 nights free living, 30 Lola Rose watches and many other benefits.

vivo mobile phone China IQOO, Kwai Kwai, China Gold Joint gold bar is the official supplier of the official electric power supplier of billions of subsidies for the commodity IQOO. These two products also ranked top 1 and top 2 in the live broadcast sales list with the turnover of 24.88 million yuan + and 15.52 million + respectively. After whoo, the Dan gift box ranked top 3 with a turnover of 8.87 million. < / P > < p > it is worth mentioning that Zheng Shuang selected all the products in this live broadcast. During the live broadcast, Zheng Shuang also talked about his favorite style of carrying goods. Zheng Shuang said that she preferred chatting and sharing rather than selling goods. The live delivery of goods was much more serious than she thought. She didn’t like to introduce products all the time. Instead, she should chat and share who likes and who will buy. < p > < p > < p > compared with the traditional way of introducing goods with stars according to the script mode, Zheng Shuang’s “anti star with goods routine” is more real and more human, which is a respect for the business and consumers. Its purpose is to introduce the goods well, so that the buyers can understand and rest assured, rather than encourage the fans to consume impulsively. This itself is a responsible reflection, leading a new style of star carrying goods.

outside Zheng Shuang, similar events happened in June 16th this year when the fast acting spokesperson Zhang Yuqi Kwai Kwai took the first show. In the live broadcast, Zhang Yuqi showed her “silly, white and sweet” temperament with goods. When selling the iPhone 11, she did not follow the script, but gave a super low price of 3899 yuan in the market. After knowing that it would break the price for the brand side, she said that she would pay out of her own pocket to give benefits to fans. The reality of this kind of counter routine has been widely praised.

from Zheng Shuang to Zhang Yuqi, reflects the Kwai Fu business stars choose not to take the unusual path. This unusual embodiment of Kwai Fu emphasizes the real platform concept and respect for users and consumers’ experience, and brings the user more interesting shopping experience.

also made the star and the Kwai anchor ecology form a beneficial complement. While being welcomed by users, it also achieved better results. This year, star streaming Kwai Fu has become the trend. Fast business has formed its own unique anchor + star mode of delivery, and has achieved bright results.

in May this year, GREE chairman Dong Mingzhu and fast Kwai anchor two donkey couple with the goods list business 310 million. In June 6th, Hua Shao quickly finished 174 million with Kwai Shou show. In June 16th, Zhang Yuqi and the Kwai bus, the fastest player, paid the actual amount of the goods to 223 million. Zheng Shuang also brought 62 million Kwai sister to cooperate with her. < p > < p > in carrying goods, the advantages of stars lie in their influence and brand endorsement, but they often lack live broadcasting experience and understanding of products. The advantage of the anchor with goods lies in the latter two. Compared with other platforms, the public domain traffic is used to boost the star’s personal live broadcast traffic, but the conversion is poor. Kwai’s advantage lies in its strong professional anchor group and high quality private domain traffic. Half of the country’s top 50 hosts were broadcast by

and other media in 2020, 6. The top 19 Kwai anchor hosts nearly 19 people. Many unknown anchor products can roll big stars, which is the great energy of Kwai TSE’s electricity supplier. The mode of anchor plus star with goods can form the professional quality of anchor + star popularity + brand influence, form efficient conversion rate and realize high turnover. The authenticity of

‘s original content, the trust value of private domain traffic and the daily activity of over 300 million are also the bottom line of the Kwai Chung e-commerce channel. This not only provides a better path and platform for star live delivery, but also provides better experience and value for users and consumers. Continue ReadingASMC, a lithography maker, was one of TSMC’s 14 top suppliers last year