Zhiduzidoo z9x first evaluation: video function tends to be perfect, the strongest Android box comes out

Over the past few years, in the Android box part of China, there have been a number of manufacturers such as HMD, yigerui and zhidu. At the same time, well-known Internet enterprises such as Huawei and Xiaomi also have corresponding products in this field. However, it is probably awesome to say that the local video player is more powerful. With x9s, zhidu has become popular with its products. After gaining a foothold in the domestic player field, zhidu has launched a number of follow-up products. Z9s, which focuses on cost performance, has a good performance in terms of sales volume and word-of-mouth among HD users.

of course, due to chip limitations and licensing issues, z9s can not support Dolby vision and hdr10 + video decoding, which is a pity, but also full of expectations for the next generation of zhidu products. On July 25, zhidu officially released its new generation of player products, including z9x, the follow-up product of z9s. In terms of function, the most important new product of this generation of zhidu is to increase the support of Dolby’s vision and hdr10 +. According to zhidu, the new generation of products belongs to extreme evolution, reaching a new height of 4K player.

before zhidu’s new products were officially put on the market, we got the high-profile Android player zhiduzidoo z9x in advance. Now let’s take a look at the performance of this product.

from x9s to z9s, zhidu seems to be more environmentally friendly in terms of packaging, and there are not too many fancy things. And z9x packaging also maintained this style, white box front in addition to printed machine name, appearance and function, there is no special place.

the hardware configuration and functions of z9x are printed on the back of the package. The biggest difference in hardware between z9x and the previous generation of z9s is that the original Realtek RTD 1296 is upgraded to the Realtek RTD 1619 chip. In addition to the evolution from the four core A53 chip to the six core A55 chip, the remaining major is the function improvement, especially the support of Dolby horizon and hdr10 + video decoding. For example, 2GB memory is still used, and the storage system is still 16GB EMMC.

in addition to the machine itself, the z9x also includes the remote control, HDMI cable, power supply and external SATA cable, the same as the previous generation. Moreover, the shape of z9x machine itself is not different from that of z9s and x9s. Aluminum alloy material is continued to be used, but the color changes from silver white to silver gray, which looks more metallic. Other designs make little difference, including the LED display on the front panel, which can display time, resolution and picture mode.

the network configuration of z9x is similar to that of the previous generation. It supports 2.4G + 5g dual frequency. The maximum bandwidth of 2 × MIMO is 867mbps, and Bluetooth 4.2 is also supported. Of course, as a product specially prepared for local video playback, there must be Gigabit cable network ports. After a personal test, I feel that the 5g wireless network of z9x is relatively stable, and the original UHD disk can be played smoothly. Whether to choose wired or wireless depends on the user’s preference.

in addition to color, compared with the previous generation of z9s, the design difference of z9x lies in that on the left side of the fuselage, z9x removes an external SATA device interface and adds a cooling hole. This change is actually positive for most people. Domestic users watch local video, and there are NAS, USB3.0 and SATA solutions. Before z9s, there were two SATA interfaces, which were a bit redundant. Now z9x removes one of the SATA interfaces and adds heat sink holes. For most users, the function has not changed and the heat dissipation capacity of the machine has been enhanced. In addition, the two USB2.0 interfaces on the left remain.

the right side of the fuselage includes an external SATA interface and two USB3.0 interfaces, which are the same design as the previous generation of z9s. In fact, we can see that the three generations of zhidu products x9s, z9s and z9x are similar in design, but there are some small changes in some parts. For this series of products with practical and cost-effective features, the overall design has been affirmed, so there is no need to make major changes. After all, the key point is to use the products well.

Finally, let’s look at the interface. The interface of z9x is exactly the same as that of the previous generation of z9s. It includes gigabit network port, HDMI in and HDMI out, optical fiber, AV, infrared, power and other interfaces, as well as a power switch. Users familiar with zhidu products should not be surprised, but for Android boxes and players on the market, such interface configuration is completely enough.

we put the z9x and z9s together, and it is difficult for us to find a big difference except for the number and color of SAT interfaces. Of course, z9x introduces the front functions of the machine completely. It is estimated that many people will be excited when they see hdr10 + and Dolby horizon!

the previous generation of z9s used Android + openwrt dual system. As an Android device, z9s can also be used as a network device. This time, zhidu removed openwrt system from z9x and only retained Android 9.0. Maybe he wants to make this machine a quiet player

if you are a regular user of zhidu, you should not be unfamiliar with the startup interface of z9x. This interface has been in use for several years, and it doesn’t take much learning time to get started. However, the background of the z9x has changed a little, turning into a starry sky, which to some extent enhances the contrast of the picture. If you open hdr10 or Dolby view, the interface will become sharper and sharper.

in the past, zhidu’s system could only install unlimited Android Software. In addition to its own built-in player, it could basically only install domestic apps, such as Tencent video, iqiyi video, etc. For some limited streaming media apps abroad, zhidu can’t install them, such as youtube, which requires Google framework, Netflix, which requires Netflix’s authorization. But this time, many people may have found that there are two more apps on the interface: YouTube and Netflix.

Yes, one of the biggest selling points of z9x this time is that it can install youtube and Netflix, the two most famous streaming media software in the world. For some conditional users, z9s can install these two kinds of software, in fact, it can greatly facilitate this kind of users. Due to the weak local playback capability of devices that can install such software before, such as shield TV or Apple TV, some users have to switch between several devices when watching streaming media or local video. Now z9x, with its support of youtube and Netflix, can not only save users a lot of money, but also save users a lot of money. After all, whether you want to watch local video or overseas streaming media, just one z9x is enough.

we need to remind you that youtube and Netflix can only be installed on the English interface of z9x. After installation, users can switch back to the Chinese interface, so that the two software can be used in the Chinese interface.

compared with the previous generation, z9x can support Dolby vision and hdr10 + in addition to supporting two overseas streaming media software. However, due to the authorization, in terms of Dolby’s support. Zhidu z9x can only support Dolby view of streaming media, such as Netflix and Tencent video, and some separate demo films of Dolby vision, but can not support Dolby view in Blu ray original disk. At present, in order to support the Dolby video perfectly and play the original UHD disk of Dolby view, only UHD disc player can do it for the time being.

but zhidu also adopted a “curve to save the country” program. In the HDR option of display settings, there is a function of mapping Dolby horizon. When this function is selected, if the user’s display device can support Dolby horizon, then all the contents played on z9x will be mapped to Dolby horizon output, and the contents of SDR and HDR 10 can be changed into Dolby horizon. We don’t know how different this mapping scheme is from the native playback of Dolby view video, but it is already the best scheme for outputting Dolby horizon video on Android players. Note: if you play the original disc of Dolby view UHD, when it is set to auto, it will be output with hdr10. When it is set to Dolby lldv, it will be forced to output with Dolby horizon and light up the Dolby horizon logo of TV. If you are playing a single-layer MP4 format Dolby horizon file, the Dolby horizon output will also be used in automatic mode, and the TV Dolby horizon logo will be illuminated.

in other aspects, the z9x has not changed much, basically similar to the previous generation of z9s. If you need to decode Dolby full scene sound or DTS x, you still need to output the HDMI source code to the audio device for decoding. It is gratifying that the CEC function of z9x is very good. Not only can the switch be selected directly in the setting, but also there is no problem in the use process. We have tested the CEC function on Samsung, TCL, Sony, LG and other TVs, and the CEC function is relatively normal.

our z9x TV is a Sony OLED product with a 55 inch a8g, and we have changed the z9x HDR option to automatic. We tried to show a demo of Dolby’s vision, which was also used by LG to promote its own OLED TV. There is no suspense, Sony a8g TV Dolby horizon logo is lit up, can play normally. In this clip, z9x shows a picture with excellent effect. No matter in contrast, details and lighting, it is shocking on the screen of Sony a8g.

but when we try to play the original disc, Dolby’s horizon can’t be lit. The movie is only played in hdr10 mode, which is expected. Next, we set the HDR of z9x to map the Dolby horizon in the setup. At this time, even if no video is played, Sony a8g’s Dolby view will be automatically lit up, and the interface including z9x will also be output in the Dolby view. While playing, you can see from the picture menu of the TV that the picture has been mapped to the Dolby horizon.

judging from the local videos we tested, as long as the TV supports Dolby’s horizon, then we can get the picture experience of Dolby horizon in this way. Of course, as we said, what is the difference between this mapping method and the original Dolby horizon? We don’t know for the moment. Later, we will compare z9x with the original disc player supporting Dolby horizon. You can look forward to it.

let’s experience the two overseas streaming media apps of z9s. Both youtube and Netflix are working, but there are some problems. Although YouTube can be viewed, it can’t be logged in because of the lack of Google framework, which requires users to obtain the Google framework available for z9x. Netflix is relatively normal, can log in to the account to watch their own streaming media content. However, we note that Netflix does not support Dolby horizon and Dolby panoramic sound, and can only support HDR at most.

and zhidu said that Netflix could support Dolby view and Dolby panorama in one or two firmware in the future, but now Netflix can only play in the highest HDR picture mode. So now, either we’re

Author: zmhuaxia