Zhiyun just released this cloud crane 2S, let Xiaobai also be able to shoot super stable picture!

On August 20, Zhiyun officially released its new product of Yunhe series handheld stabilizer, Yunhe 2S. From this naming, it is not difficult to see that this product is an upgrade of the former Yunhe 2, while retaining the original classic design concept. A lot of new black technologies that Zhiyun has accumulated over the past few years have been upgraded in terms of performance, experience and many other aspects, which can be said to be No.1 in the industry so far. < / P > < p > like Yunhe 2, Yunhe 2S continues the classic vertical grip design, and is more stable and robust than weeball-s, which are smart devices. Thanks to the ninth generation of beehive stability control algorithm, Zhiyun Yunhe 2S is more agile in following speed and heavier in load. Therefore, even large SLR cameras such as Panasonic S1H, bmpcc 6K, EOS 1dx Mark II, Nikon d850 and other large SLR cameras, Yunhe 2S can be easily adapted. < / P > < p > the new quick release 3.0 was added to Yunhe 2S by Zhiyun this time. The stabilizer supports the double fixation of safety lock and locking screw. On the one hand, it is convenient for users to dismantle the camera at any time, on the other hand, the stability is improved again. It is worth mentioning that Zhiyun has added the vertical shot transfer function on Yunhe 2S for the first time. Users can switch between horizontal and vertical shooting modes without additional purchase of accessories. At the same time, it also has double fixation and stabilization of security lock and locking screw, which ensures the camera’s safety during shooting and reduces the user’s operation cost. < / P > < p > in the era of Yunhe 2, the addition of OLED screen can be called a revolution. On Yunhe 2S, we not only see that this screen has been upgraded to 0.96 inch size, but also Zhiyun has brought a Chinese + English bilingual interface, which makes the logic clearer, and the small white users don’t have to worry about how to operate. At the software level, Zhiyun Yunhe 2S is integrated into the image transmission ecology. Users can use the mobile phone as the image transmission monitor to view the pictures, so as to better realize the multi person team cooperation shooting. In addition, in terms of focus tracking function, Zhiyun provides users of Yunhe 2S with more choices, whether it is a servo focusing device controlled by a self-contained tracking wheel with low delay, or an electronic tracking device, or you can directly use the image transmission to let the mobile phone and the scallop terminal control the focus. More rights are opened to users, and the fun of users is naturally increased, and the quality of works is constantly upgraded. < p > < p > with Yunhe 2, Zhiyun has opened a new door for everyone’s cognition of photography, and intends to use Yunhe 2s to let more people experience the fun of photography. The price of 3699 yuan has been called “conscience” in this industry, and we believe that this handheld stabilizer is enough to meet most of the daily shooting needs. Whether it is a novice or an expert, it can only bring you more. Huawei has finally made a choice! Xiaomi and ov have also followed up. Have you ever thought about today?