Zhiyun officially released Yunhe 2S, the all-round flagship upgrade continues the classic

If you are familiar with Zhiyun products, you will not be unfamiliar with Yunhe 2. As a three axis handheld pan tilt that was launched a few years ago, Zhiyun Yunhe 2 was a well deserved flagship at that time. Whether it is the design of the focus following handwheel, or the addition of visual OLED screen, as well as outstanding stability and load capacity, it has become the heart of many photography enthusiasts. On August 20, Zhiyun officially launched an upgraded version of Yunhe 2S based on Yunhe 2. < / P > < p > as a product with tail mark s, Yunhe 2S naturally continues Zhiyun’s design language on Yunhe 2. Although it does not adopt the design of holding the teapot, Yunhe 2S is relatively more solid and stable, and its performance is comprehensively upgraded. It is understood that thanks to the powerful motor torque upgrade, Yunhe 2S can support large-scale SLR cameras such as Panasonic S1H, bmpcc 6K, EOS 1dx Mark II, Nikon d850 and other large-scale SLR cameras. In this way, we don’t have to worry about using professional large-scale SLR equipment to shoot without load adaptation. < / P > < p > can carry heavier cameras, so there are new requirements for the stability of camera installation. A new quick release system has been added to Zhiyun Yunhe 2S, which provides users with two major insurances: safety lock and locking wrench. It also supports locking / loosening the quick loading board in one step. For some scenarios where the camera needs to be replaced in a transition, Yunhe 2S is more friendly and user-friendly. For horizontal and vertical screen switching shooting, Zhiyun has added a safety lock and locking screw to Yunhe 2S, so users can switch between horizontal and vertical screens without purchasing additional accessories. < / P > < p > Yunhe 2S has been further improved in expansibility, which not only leaves enough space for the installation of photography accessories, but also reserves multiple external interfaces to facilitate users to play more high-level photography games. At the same time, a 1 / 4 screw port is reserved to support the camera to be removed at any time to connect with the slide rail, tripod and other equipment; there are three general interfaces on the body and the bottom, which can support the accessories such as fill light, microphone and strange hand. If you often fight alone, then these external interfaces of Yunhe 2S will definitely make you shoot more wonderful by yourself. < p > < p > for team shooting, Zhiyun Yunhe 2S is a good function to help multi person cooperation and division of labor. With clearer and more stable wireless image transmission, combined with the touch control of viatouch, Zhiyun Yunhe 2S can realize the focus control of mobile phone and scallop terminal by using image transmission function. < p > < p > in terms of details, Yunhe 2S has a lot of upgrades. Take the previous OLED screen for example, this time, it not only upgrades to 0.96 inch, but also adds Chinese + English bilingual menu, which greatly facilitates your operation and use; the material of the handle position is replaced with carbon fiber, which further upgrades the handle feeling and the overall texture of the stabilizer; the three-axis lock is upgraded to two-stage type, several times It can reach the level of locking and zero shaking. The leveling and storage stabilizers bring a good experience. < / P > < p > as a classic re upgrade, the release of Yunhe 2S is that Zhiyun is constantly giving new life to the old models. In recent years, Zhiyun has attached great importance to technology research and development. Both the graphic transmission ecology of its stabilizers and the ecology of scallop accessories are very eye-catching, and it has gained a large number of fans at home and abroad. We believe that with the release of Yunhe 2S, will Zhiyun enable classic products with updated technology? Wait and see! Iqoo5 series debut strength interpretation of “120 super full mark flagship”