Zhonglu Yibu Qianxi, the spokesperson of glory of the king announced! King glory Star team released

Last night, five star spokesmen of King glory were released quietly. They are Li Xian Shangshan, Yimu Qianxi Middle Road, Wu Yifan Da Ye, Yang Mi shooter and Song Xi auxiliary. Are you excited to see this lineup? Let’s take a look at the details. The announcement of this news has attracted numerous netizens’ discussion. Netizens said, “I want to know how many stars Yang Mi, the king of glory, has now, and can play games with justice in the future.” “looking forward to playing wild Wu Yifan, I’m going to practice Li Bai.” “how much money does it cost? Is it stupid? The king’s income will exceed 100 million yuan with one skin.”. Can’t you afford it? Besides, these five people are top class and have strong appeal. After that, the fans who cooperate with them will naturally respond to the call of idols. In a word, the king earns blood. ” Privacy Policy