Zhou Hongyi: after 15 years of attack and defense practice, 360 has built a new generation of security capability framework system with safety brain as the core

In today’s world, 5g, Internet of things, big data, cloud computing and other new technologies are constantly emerging. The world has entered a technology driven era, and the digital economy has been accelerated. The digital twin era has come, and opportunities and challenges coexist. Undoubtedly, the construction of network security system has been given a new meaning by the times. < p > < p > based on this, at the 8th Internet security conference, Zhou Hongyi, chairman and CEO of 360, put forward a new concept and a new framework. He pointed out that in the digital twin era, it is necessary to build a new generation of security capability framework system to escort the development of the country, city and enterprise. < p > < p > as we all know, 360 is the only network security enterprise in China that has been fighting with national hacker organizations for a long time and captured more than 40 apt organizations. It is also the only company in the world that has the largest network security big data in parallel with Google and Microsoft, and has gathered the world’s top network security elite experts. Its network security strength is obvious to all. < p > < p > ability means responsibility, and the greater the ability, the greater the responsibility. As a leading enterprise with national feelings, 360 continuously protects 1 billion users and intercepts 180 million times of anti-virus every day at the level of serving the society; at the level of serving the country, 360 has built 360 safe brain and cloud infrastructure with its practical experience in APT capture, major security, real network exercises, and key infrastructure protection. < / P > < p > because 360 has more than ten years of offensive and defensive practical strength, 360 has built a cloud brain, which is equivalent to the early warning aircraft and anti missile system in cyberspace. With the security brain as the core, 360 has built a set of cloud infrastructure, including actual combat cloud, intelligence cloud, vulnerability cloud, expert cloud, mapping cloud, connection cloud, development cloud, training cloud and communication cloud. The basic conditions for forming safety capability. In Zhou Hongyi’s opinion, it is better to teach people to fish than to teach them to fish. 360 has already built a hard core foundation for Security Cloud brain, and needs service empowerment to inject “soft power” into customers. Therefore, according to the attributes of each cloud, 360 empowers cities, industries and enterprises, and outputs 12 enabling services, including knowledge subscription, analysis app, threat intelligence, sample identification, vulnerability detection rules, drill evaluation, expert service, authentication training, asset mapping, work collaboration, security development, and access security. It also covers the “top ten types of security risk detection and detection system”. For example, the asset Mapping Center is equivalent to the mapping department, the Threat Intelligence Center is equivalent to the intelligence department, the talent training base is equivalent to the military academy, the national big data range is the training ground, and the emergency response center is the rapid response force. < p > < p > among them, under this “combat system”, the overall combat effectiveness, perception ability, intelligence ability and response ability of the enterprise have been improved, and they are connected with the security brain as the “central command” by data, in coordination with the measurement mechanism of continuous operation, expert team and actual combat drill and a set of interoperability standards, forming a protective network covering the whole area. < / P > < p > after the completion of the security infrastructure, 360 will acquire and accumulate 10 security capabilities, including security development, actual combat testing, network mapping, threat identification, security protection, detection and analysis, command response, emergency recovery, learning evolution and knowledge construction. < / P > < p > the present is a critical moment of change, and 360’s future strategic policy is at the right time. Finally, Zhou Hongyi proposed to build a new generation of security capability framework system with the safety brain as the core, creating a security brain, 10 sets of security infrastructure, 1 set of operation tactics, 1 group of experts team, 1 set of practical combat training mechanism and 1 set of security interoperability standards. Finally, a new framework of security capability in the digital twin era will be built to build security protection for the country, city and industry“ It’s an iron wall. “. < / P > < p > as mentioned above, the impact of digital twin gives network security a new era significance. At the ISC 2020 conference, Zhou Hongyi took the lead in proposing a new generation of network security capability framework, which will be able to build a stronger security fortress for the state, industry, city and government and enterprise units through continuous operation, and effectively escort the development of digital society. 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Author: zmhuaxia