ZTE official publicity! Huawei then said that no one would have thought that the iPhone would be far away

Mobile phone has obviously become a necessity. Whether at home or out of the house, most people maintain the mobile phone, because nowadays mobile phone is so important that it is needed in many aspects such as social contact, shopping, work and so on. Under this premise, the development speed of mobile phone products is faster and faster, and domestic brands are showing a “first mover” trend. Among the top six mobile phone brands in the world, China has six seats.

Huawei is in the forefront of all brands, surpassing the iPhone to become the largest brand in China. In the world, Huawei has surpassed Samsung and apple to become the world’s first. In the past two years, Huawei has become more and more famous by virtue of its super camera performance, which can be said to be a long-term leading industry level. However, Huawei failed in one respect. Not long ago, ZTE officially announced the first off screen camera mobile phone product, and disclosed that the product would be officially launched in September.

as a matter of fact, the design style of mobile phone screen has been changing all the time, and the concept of full screen has been proposed for a long time. After the first iPhone designed with bangs, the full screen was gradually sought after by users. In the following years, many kinds of screen design schemes, such as “water drop”, “hole digging” and “lifting lens”, appeared. Even though the screen share has been improved, there is still a big gap with the full screen. Knowing that ZTE’s official publicity, this means that the era of comprehensive screen is coming, with unexpected things coming so fast.

it is worth mentioning that after ZTE’s official publicity, Huawei followed suit to make a statement, and their comprehensive screen design is under development. It is reported that Huawei will design a full screen and support full screen fingerprint identification screen, which will take longer to develop due to the greater technical difficulty. In addition, reducing costs is also the purpose of this research and development. As we all know, screen fingerprint identification needs sensor support, so full screen fingerprint identification represents the need for more sensors, and of course, more costs will follow.

another reason why Huawei’s full screen solution has not been released is that it is considering reducing costs so as to make this technology more popular. In addition to Huawei and ZTE, many domestic brands are also developing corresponding technologies. It is believed that products carrying this technology will be released in succession. It is understood that the iPhone 12 series will still follow the bangs design. As for these technologies coming one after another, I believe cook can’t imagine that everything has come so fast. I don’t realize that the iPhone has been thrown far away. What’s important is that he still doesn’t know this aspect.

for example, there is no 5g version of the iPhone. On the contrary, 5g mobile phones have almost become popular in China. As early as the beginning of this year, 5g mobile phones have arrived in full swing, and many brands have stopped producing 4G mobile phones. Obviously, the iPhone is a year behind. In my opinion, domestic brands will be more brilliant in the future, and Huawei will emerge one after another, surpassing the giants such as Samsung and iPhone.

from the perspective of iPhone sales in recent years, more and more Chinese people have begun to choose domestic products, and the market share of iPhones is constantly decreasing. Therefore, iPhone, which has been taking the high-end route, has begun to adjust its price continuously, hoping to improve its sales. However, the domestic iPhone is far away. Finally, do you feel that Apple has lagged behind in recent years? Are you looking forward to a full screen phone? Privacy Policy

Author: zmhuaxia