ZTE released the world’s first off screen camera phone, the real full screen has arrived?

Beijing News shell financial news on the evening of September 1, the world’s first off screen camera phone was officially released, but the manufacturer was not Huawei millet or vivo or oppo familiar to consumers, but ZTE. The first off screen camera phone released this time is ZTE axon 205g. In addition to 5g function, the biggest selling point of this model is its off screen camera technology, that is, the front camera of ZTE axon 205g is completely built-in under the screen, and the screen is no longer Liu Hai screen or drip screen. It is a real full screen mobile phone. With the development of technology and the increasing demand of consumers for large screen mobile phones, mobile phone manufacturers have been committed to increasing the proportion of mobile phones. From the so-called borderless mobile phones to Liu Hai screens, to the design of water drop screens and lift cameras, as well as the introduction of folding screens, the development of mobile phones to true and comprehensive screens is invincible. The off screen camera is considered to be the ultimate solution for true full screen. Compared with Liu Hai screen and drip screen, it is not difficult to put the front camera in the inner layer of the screen. The difficulty is how to solve the problem of light transmission. While realizing the full screen, it is crucial to make the front camera’s self-image, face recognition and other functions unaffected. Last year, several Chinese mobile phone manufacturers have released engineering machines, and some panel companies have released off screen camera technology solutions, but there has not been a real mass production of off screen camera phones. The A-share listed company, vicino, released the off screen camera technology solution in June this year. On the investor interaction platform on September 1, the company said that its off screen camera solution cooperated with many brand customers and promoted mass production supply. Please pay attention to the product release of terminal manufacturers, and did not confirm that ZTE axon 205g uses its solution. ZTE said that in order to solve the problem of balance between display function and photo taking function, the R & D team has adopted more than ten layers of driving circuits and evaporation and plating materials, and has found micron level new materials with good display effect and high light transmittance. In addition, in order to solve the problem of color display synchronization between the under screen camera area and the conventional display area, ZTE axon 205g adopts an independent screen display chip, and uses a highly integrated minimalist circuit design to maximize the transparency of the screen, suppress the optical diffraction of metal lines, and optimize the photo effect. In addition to ZTE, Xiaomi group also released its third-generation off screen camera scheme on August 28, saying it had reached mass production standards. It is reported that Xiaomi’s off screen camera technology will be officially produced and commercialized next year. ZTE axon 205g is the first new aircraft release since Ni Fei became the president of the terminal business unit. On June 16 this year, ZTE announced the appointment of Ni Fei as the general manager of ZTE’s terminal business unit, fully responsible for ZTE’s terminal business, and he continued to serve as president of Nubia. According to the data, Ni Fei joined ZTE in 2001 and was engaged in terminal product operation in 2004; in 2012, he participated in the creation of Nubian brand and became the general manager of Nubia smart phone; in May 2019, Ni Fei served as the president of Nubia Technology Co., Ltd. At the press conference, Ni Fei said that ZTE will implement a new “1 + 2 + n” product strategy, that is, taking mobile phones as the core product as the entrance, focusing on personal data and family data, and cooperating with smart wear and other peripheral products. However, ZTE’s mobile phone business has stagnated in recent years, with its consumer business down 21.93% last year and 0.15% to rmb7.413 billion in the first half of this year. In the first half of the year, ZTE launched its first 5g video phone, ZTE axon 11 se, and another 5g mobile phone, ZTE axon 11 se. According to Xu Feng, the former president of ZTE’s terminal business unit, last year, ZTE will release nearly 10 5g mobile phones worldwide and launch more than 15 5g terminal products. American companies begin to give up R & D: who should pay for corporate research?

Author: zmhuaxia