ZTE took the lead in mass production, Xiaomi Leijun announced in advance, Samsung apple fell behind an era

Since the advent of the era of comprehensive screen, major manufacturers have been trying to improve the proportion of mobile phone screens in order to meet the needs of consumers. Therefore, there are various schemes to improve the proportion of mobile phone screens on the market. For example, water drops, bangs, perforated screens, as well as lifting camera structure, front and rear dual screens, sliding cover full screen design and so on, but no matter which scheme, there are one or another defects, always unable to achieve a real full screen. < / P > < p > at a time when many mobile phone manufacturers are at a loss, there is a trend of hidden camera technology in the market. As early as 2019, major manufacturers have started the research on this project. Although the relevant information is constantly disclosed, due to the immature technology, no manufacturer has publicly released a mass-produced off screen camera phone before June 2020. < / P > < p > however, it seems that all manufacturers are in the same starting line in this respect, but some manufacturers have quietly taken a step forward. For example, ZTE suddenly released the world’s first commercial off screen camera phone in early September. If it doesn’t, it will be a great success. When most consumers place their hopes on Samsung, Huawei and other big factories, ZTE, which is almost forgotten, detonates the whole audience and takes the lead in mass production of off screen camera phones. < / P > < p > ZTE A20, which is full of gimmicks and attracts much attention, is no different from ordinary mobile phones in other aspects except for the off screen camera technology. However, ZTE did not raise the price of A20 by a lot of consumers because of the gimmick of off screen camera. At present, the A20, which starts at 2198 yuan, has already had 26499 appointments in the official flagship store. < / P > < p > it is worth noting that ZTE is not the only one that has quietly taken a step forward. Xiaomi Leijun also recently announced the off screen camera technology in advance. On August 28, Lei Jun disclosed on his microblog that the off screen camera technology released by Xiaomi on the same day is expected to achieve mass production in 2021, and interested consumers still need to wait. In addition, as early as ZTE and Xiaomi, oppo had produced a prototype of off screen camera technology, and Huawei had been exploded in developing off screen camera phones. < / P > < p > in a word, most well-known domestic mobile phone brands should be prepared for the hidden camera, but it is a matter of time. In contrast, Samsung and apple are much slower. However, it is also reported that Samsung has made a breakthrough in off screen camera technology, and Samsung is originally a world-class screen manufacturer. As for apple, in recent years, consumers have witnessed Apple’s innovation efforts, so the company may fall behind by another era in terms of off screen camera technology. Continue Reading865 optimization is different? These mobile phones should teach you a lesson!