ZTE’s 20 screen camera phone has been preheated for a long time, and is about to release the heat of touching porcelain millet?

Last month, Xiaomi 10 supreme edition and iqoo 5 Pro 120W charging plug let us digital lovers call it a pleasure. After all, such charging speed is really fast! The progress of science and technology has made our life more convenient. Think of it a few years ago, most mobile phones were still using the 5v1a charging plug. Nowadays, the domestic flagship mobile phones have made great progress in terms of service life. Recently, ZTE mobile phone is about to launch the first mobile phone with an off screen video head called Tianji axon20, which is used as a highlight for preheating, but it will be released soon When, Ni Fei also came to rub a wave of heat. And @ Lei Jun, I was the first off screen camera phone, and soon Xiaomi “counterattacked” and released the third generation of off screen camera technology. So what is the development of this technology? < / P > < p > you should know that there are several types of mobile phone selfie cameras, including water drop type, hole digging type, bang type and ejection type. In order to maintain the largest screen share, the ejection self timer camera has the largest screen share. The disadvantage is that such spare parts are slightly expensive and easy to be damaged after a long time of use. However, the design of the other three cameras will affect the screen sense and screen proportion of the mobile phone. < / P > < p > and the off screen camera technology can perfectly solve all problems. In recent years, major digital manufacturers have developed this technology. Our domestic companies such as oppo, vivo and Huawei have released the concept machine of off screen camera, but they are unable to mass produce. ZTE axon20 is the first model that can realize mass production. Xiaomi’s third-generation off screen camera technology is expected to be mass produced next year. < / P > < p > first of all, we need to know what an off screen camera is. Simply speaking, the camera is hidden in the screen of a mobile phone. All this is due to the screen material. In the past, many mobile phones used LCD displays. Because LCD displays emit light by refraction of light from the backlight, it does not have the basic property of light transmission. Therefore, all LCD monitors have the hand No one can use the fingerprint identification under the screen, but the LED display is different. It can self light, and each pixel can project the red, green and blue primary colors of light, and has good light transmission. Therefore, a sensor can be installed inside the mobile phone to realize the fingerprint unlocking under the screen. < / P > < p > compared with fingerprint unlocking on screen, the off screen camera technology is more advanced. The principle camera uses the gap between pixels in AMOLED display to realize imaging. Some of them are similar to spider man’s head cover with eye mask. Pete Parker looks at the outside environment through the dense holes in the eye mask, while people outside can’t see Peter Parker’s eyes. In addition, some of the mesh red or star wear eyeglasses and shutter glasses is the same principle. The concept of < / P > < p > should be Xiaomi’s own statement, equivalent to the off screen camera technology 3.0. According to Wang Teng, redmi product director of Xiaomi company, the display effect and light transmittance of the first generation of off screen camera technology were obviously insufficient, which showed that the screen transmittance was not good at that time, resulting in the photos presented by the camera were not ideal. The second generation of off screen camera technology is achieved by sacrificing the pixel density of the camera area under the screen. The visual sense in this area is slightly worse than that in other areas. Under the illumination of light and viewing from different angles, we can see the effect similar to the shutter glasses. Especially in the case of white screen. The third generation is more advanced. It is similar to the principle of Spider-Man eye mask. By making the pixel gap into transparent material and redesigning the pixel driver circuit, the light transmission effect is achieved. It is to use dense small holes to sample, through AI intelligent processing to process the image and present the whole image. You can also use beauty and face thinning features, but the processor time will be longer. < / P > < p > in the eyes of Xiaobian, Xiaomi’s third-generation off screen camera technology is not mature at present. Now the announcement is just a response to ZTE. After all, ZTE mobile phone is the first mobile phone to release the off screen camera, and it can be mass produced, which shows that ZTE has experimented with the off screen camera, and I don’t know how many generations will release it. However, we really can’t say it too early. I’m afraid that ZTE’s off screen camera phone is almost Xiaomi’s second-generation technology, so it’s a bit of a Xiaobian’s face. In fact, the off screen camera is not very attractive for small editors, because I don’t like taking pictures. I still value transparent mobile phones more. If transparent mobile phones come out, off screen cameras will be meaningless. After all, the sensor can’t be transparent, it can only be installed in the mobile phone frame. I don’t know if my friends prefer transparent mobile phones or off screen cameras? 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